Gauntlet Interceptor (GTA 5 Online)

As part of the major Chop Shop update for GTA Online, Rockstar Games released a new story update called The Cluckin’ Bell Heist along with the Bravado Gauntlet Interceptor vehicle for all game platforms on March 7.

This is the Bravado Gauntlet Interceptor

This 2-door police muscle car, which was already seen in the trailer for GTA 6, is therefore a confirmed vehicle for future missions. The Gauntlet Interceptor presents itself as the police version of the Gauntlet Hellfire, complete with steel wheels, various light bars and police equipment in the interior, including two shotguns that are visible but not usable.

The design of the vehicle is inspired by real vehicles, namely the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon, a fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro and a sixth-generation Ford Mustang.

Official description of the Gauntlet Interceptor by Rockstar Games:

“There comes a time in every middle-aged executive’s life when even a muscle car won’t help. When that time comes, you have only one choice: the muscle car for cops. Congratulations, recruit, because in the years to come you’re going to be in an endless chase with your declining self-esteem.”

Gauntlet Interceptor: This is the Price

The Gauntlet Interceptor can be purchased for 5,420,000 GTA dollars at Warstock Cache & Carry, provided that the first preparation mission called Black Cash (Vincent) has been completed as the leader.

To unlock a reduced prize of 4,065,000 GTA dollars, it is necessary to complete the Cluckin’ Bell raid as the leader.

The vehicle can be parked in any garage as a personal vehicle and requested via the mechanic.

Gauntlet Interceptor: Modification Options

It is important to know that modifications can only be carried out on your own property. The Gauntlet Interceptor offers extensive customization options in the workshop, including all upgrades that are also available for the Gauntlet Hellfire and the Stanier LE Cruiser.

These include a wheelie bar with brake screen, various exhaust systems, hoods and a range of police equipment such as aerials, searchlights, emergency lighting and cow catchers.

Gauntlet Interceptor: Sales price

The Gauntlet Interceptor can be sold at a price of 3,252,000 GTA dollars, which is 60 percent of the original purchase price, plus 50 percent of the value of the upgrades made to the vehicle.