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GTA 6: Satellite map shows the huge game world

The game world is the heart of the GTA series. And in GTA 6 fans are also hoping for a huge and detailed open world that, like a sandbox, offers countless opportunities to really let off steam.

New satellite map covers two states

Now this satellite map of GTA 6 has been shared, demonstrating just how incredibly large the game world will be. And above all, how detailed the fictional state of Leonida will be.

The map was shared by Reddit user RandomAmy7. It is a satellite map of the GTA 6 game world.

The whole thing is based on the information available to the GTA 6 Mapping Project. Incidentally, this is a community project that has set itself the task of recreating the GTA 6 map as realistically and in as much detail as possible before release.

(Bild via X/@lmk_nathan42915)

And it’s really amazing what has come out of it, as you can see here.

We see a huge map with what feels like countless details and many different locations that have already been confirmed, such as Vice City and Hamlet, as well as Port Gellhorn.

However, there are also a few other locations that originate from the leaks from September 2022 or are speculated by the community based on various clues.

This will gradually give you a more complete picture of the game world and the map.

For example, there are now places like Belleville or Lake Leonida on the map. To the south are the Florida Keys, which are called Sundown here and could be one of the coolest locations in the whole game – I’m really excited about that!

What is really exciting, however, is that this map not only shows Leonida as a state, but also Johrisa in the north, which is clearly based on the state of Georgia.

However, it is of course unclear whether Rockstar will actually use one of the real-life states around Florida for the map.

There are a total of two states that border directly on Florida in the northwest: Alabama and Georgia.

As an overview, I’ll show you the states map from the user Leonida Dude:

© Leonida Dude

You can see all the states that Rockstar has already used in Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption in the form of a fictional variant.

For example Liberty, San Andreas, North Yankton and in red for Red Dead, New Austin, Leymoyne, New Hanover or Ambarino.

The question is whether we will see states like Georgia, Alabama or even South Carolina and Mississippi in GTA 6 as fictional versions that Rockstar has not yet used for its own games?

I’m also wondering what the general shape of the map will look like. So will we be offered a game world that is an island, as it is surrounded by water on all sides, or will we have a connection to land on one side, such as in Red Dead Redemption 2 with Mexico and a country to the north that could be Canada?

GTA 6: Will there be several large cities?

Last but not least, let’s talk about the size of the map and the cities in particular.

The city of Yorktown is said to be the size of Los Santos. And that would be pretty cool, because Los Santos is of course the only big city in GTA 5.

And as it appears here on the map, Yorktown would only be the second largest city, because Vice City is at least twice as big.

And Port Gellhorn also looks like a larger city on the scale of Los Santos. If this is all true, you can imagine just how big the game world of GTA 6 will ultimately be!

(Bild via X/@lmk_nathan42915)

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