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When is GTA 6 coming out? GTA 6 release date in 2025

When is GTA 6 coming out? That’s the question on everyone’s mind. After years of speculation, Rockstar Games has finally announced with the release of the first trailer for GTA 6 that GTA 6 will be released in 2025.

When will GTA 6 be released?

With the first trailer for GTA 6, which was released by Rockstar Games at the beginning of December 2023, those responsible also gave a rough release date. According to this, GTA 6 will be released in 2025 for the two current-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Update: As part of the quarterly figures for fiscal year 2024, the parent company of Rockstar Games has confirmed that the open-world title for consoles will not be released until fall 2025 and thus no longer in the current 2024/25 fiscal year.

“Our outlook reflects a narrowing of Rockstar Games’ previously established window of Calendar 2025 to Fall of Calendar 2025 for Grand Theft Auto VI. We are highly confident that Rockstar Games will deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience, and our expectations for the commercial impact of the title continue to increase.”

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Is this the release period? Take-Two Interactive is forecasting sales of 8 billion US dollars for the 2025 financial year. Basically, only GTA 6 can be responsible for such an increase in turnover. Although there are several other blockbusters on Take-Two’s launch line, it is highly unlikely that they will be released in the coming years and generate such rapid sales at the same time.

What does this mean for the release of GTA 6? The 2025 fiscal year for Rockstar Games runs from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025, so assuming that the company means the 2025 fiscal year when it announces 2025, GTA 6 should be released between April 2024 and March 2025.

Will GTA 6 be released for PS4 & Xbox One?

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games will not be releasing GTA 6 for the PS4 and Xbox One, which is unfortunate for those who don’t have a next-gen console. The next GTA game will be exclusive to next-gen hardware.

Will GTA 6 be released for the PC?

You can find a detailed article about the PC version of GTA 6 from our friends at PlayCentral.de.

GTA 6: When will the 2nd trailer be released?

No sooner has the first trailer for GTA 6 been released at the beginning of December 2023 than the question of the next trailer for the open-world title from Rockstar Games arises. When could it be released?

After all, Rockstar calls the video Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1, which is why fans are currently assuming that a second trailer could follow in the near future.

But to get a clearer idea of whether this theory can be true, let’s take a look at Rockstar Games’ past marketing for its own titles.

On the one hand, the studio is secretive and very unpredictable with many decisions, but at the same time, certain patterns emerge time and again when it comes to announcing and releasing its own games.


Trailer release for GTA 4

GTA 4 was announced in June 2006, and the first trailer immediately caused the official website to collapse when it was released on March 29, 2007. Three months later, Rockstar released the iconic Things Will Be Different Trailer 1. Two more trailers followed at the end of 2007 and in March 2008. The release finally took place on April 29, 2008.

Trailer release for GTA 5

However, things were a little different with GTA 5. The title was announced at the end of October 2022, while the first trailer was released a week later. It wasn’t until twelve months later that the studio finally released the second trailer.

The third video was divided into three parts and was released five months later. Finally, three months before release, those responsible published a gameplay showcase video. Almost two years passed between the time of the announcement and the release.

Trailer release for Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar released the first trailer for Red Dead Redemption on May 6, 2009, followed by the second trailer in November of the same year. The game was released in May 2010.

The sequel, “Red Dead Redemption 2”, was announced in October 2016, followed by a trailer. It wasn’t until eleven months later that fans got to see the second trailer. In May 2018, the third trailer was released.

Red Dead 2 was finally released in October 2018. As with GTA 5, it took almost 2 years from announcement to release.

GTA 6: When can we expect the 2nd trailer?

So what can we learn from Rockstar’s past? In any case, that we could be waiting up to a year for a second trailer for GTA 6. According to Take-Two Interactive’s annual report, the company expects very high sales in the 2025 financial year, which runs from April 2024 to March 2025.

This could result in a release of GTA 6 in early 2025. In this case, however, a second trailer in December 2024 would be quite late, as there would only be a few months left for the complete marketing.

It is important to note at this point, however, that Rockstar has apparently factored possible delays into the planning for GTA 6, unlike with GTA 5 and Red Dead 2. For this reason, the title may not be released until 2025 and not at the end of 2024.

In view of such a release window, it would be logical for Rockstar to release the second trailer for GTA 6 in late summer or in October or November 2024.

However, if GTA 6 is released at the end of 2025, the latest possible date, a second trailer would probably not be released until November or December 2024.

Trailer 2: Do bullet holes in the artwork hint at the release?

Of course, there is also a fan theory on the whole subject, which we would like to summarize for you below.

In the official artwork, which shows the two protagonists Lucia and Jason, we see not only electronic shackles on the young woman, but also bullet holes in the vehicle.

According to an analysis of these bullet holes in the body of the car, it says “One More 9” in Braille. The nine supposedly refers to the month of September. Some players therefore suspect that the next trailer for GTA 6 will be released in September 2024.

Could this theory be true? While some believe it, many other fans dismiss this theory as completely abstruse. After all, the bullet holes could also have a completely different meaning, depending on how you want to look at them.

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