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GTA Online: Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid – Walkthrough with all Missions

Since March 7, 2024, the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid has been available as a new story update for GTA Online, offering you new contact missions that culminate in a grand finale and earn you a lot of GTA dollars in a comparatively short time!

We have summarized exactly how much loot you can expect in this article!

In this Walkthrough, we’ll introduce you to the Cluckin’ Bell heist and give you helpful tips for the individual missions.

How do I start the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid?

As soon as you have logged into GTA Online and are in free mode (on foot or in a means of transportation), you will receive a call from Vincent Effenburger.

Who is Vincent Effenburger?

Vincent Effenburger is a character from the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the main character in Grand Theft Auto Online. He was introduced with the update “The Diamond Casino & Resort”.

Vincent is the head of security at the Diamond Casino & Resort, an important gaming environment in GTA Online. In his role as Head of Security, Vincent is responsible for maintaining order and security within the casino. His character is known for his tough attitude towards troublemakers and his loyalty to the casino.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Take the call from Vincent and listen to what he has to say. If you are not interested, you can hang up again straight away, the marker will still appear afterwards.

Vincent has now given up his job as head of the security service and is working as a new recruit for the Los Santos police. He has a profitable offer for you.

After the conversation, you should meet Vincent at the Vespucci police station to begin the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid. The exact location will be marked with a “V” on your map.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Now you can visit the police station at any time, press the button shown at the marked location and start the first preparatory mission for the robbery.

Can I play the Cluckin’ Bell heist solo?

The various contact missions, including the finale, can be started by 1-4 players. So if you don’t have any other players at hand or prefer to play alone, that’s no problem.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid in GTA Online

The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid consists of a total of five preparatory missions, all of which you must complete before you can start the finale.

These rewards are available at the end of each preparation mission:

  • Slush Fund: 3,000 RP
  • Breaking and Entering: 3,600 RP
  • Concealed Weapons: 4,300 RP
  • Hit and Run: $20,000
  • Disorganized Crime: $6,000 & 3,800 RP

Only at the end of the final are the really big spoils on offer!

Please note that this list does not include the additional cash you can receive from defeated enemies or by completing special objectives within the preparation missions!

You can play each mission on one of the following difficulty levels. From the second level onwards, you will receive a bonus on GTA dollars and RP:

  • Easy – (No Bonus)
  • Normal – (1.25x GTA$ and RP)
  • Hard – (1.5x GTA$ and RP)

You can choose the order in which you play the preparation mission. As soon as you reach the marked location at the police station and have spoken to Vincent on the phone, a corresponding selection menu with all the missions will appear.

Note: As soon as you have completed the first preparation mission called Slush Fund as a leader, you can purchase the Gauntlet Interceptor emergency vehicle from Warstock Cache & Carry for a total of 5,420,000 GTA dollars.

For the lower purchase price, you must complete the entire robbery as the leader.

Once you have completed all the preparation missions, you can start the final. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Slush Fund

The first mission begins with an introduction to Vincent, who is now working as a recruit at the LSPD. He wants you to help him take action against his corrupt colleagues and a new cartel dealing in cocaine.

The base is in the Clucking Bell factory in Paleto Bay. In this case, the cops not only look the other way, but even lend the cartel a helping hand.

The aim is therefore a precision strike and thus the destruction of the entire operation!

At the start of the mission, Vincent will give you the location of two money laundering companies. Drive to both locations, take out the guards and grab the cash from the washing machines. Then take the cash to Vincent’s safe house. That’s all there is to do in the first mission.

Take out the guards and steal the cash in the washing machines! © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Breaking and Entering

Basically, this is when the real preparation missions begin. Before you can infiltrate the Cluckin’ Bell factory, you need to do some preliminary work.

The aim is to gather information about the cartel’s operations. This information can be found on a laptop belonging to a Cluckin’ Bell employee. You also have to steal a hacking device that can be used to control a train. After all, you can use this to get into the factory.

Stealing the Hacking Device

Once you are near the marker, Vincent will give you a picture so that you can recognize the hacker’s Terrorbyte. You then have to locate the vehicle within a certain radius, which is not particularly difficult. However, the exact location changes every time you start a mission.

The little drones can be quite annoying, so be careful! © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

As soon as you have found the truck, you will have to deal with drones that are networked with the Terrorbyte’s security system. Destroy them all to gain access to the Terrorbyte. Be careful though, as the drones will attack you with nasty electric shocks and you’ll have to deal with several of them at once.

Inside the Terrorbyte, grab the Hacking Device!

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Stealing the Laptop

Now you just have to find the laptop. So follow the marker and park your vehicle in the marked area to take a look at the picture Vincent sent you of the employee with the laptop.

You will find the person quite far back on the left side of the pier at a video game machine. On the bench next to it is the laptop, which you can now simply grab.

Grab your suitcase and let’s go! © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Now you can take care of the train. But first you need to find the right keys for it. So drive to the cartel site, which is teeming with heavily armed guards.

Just collect the key and you’re off on the train. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Eliminate all the enemies and then grab the key. Now you can get on the train.

As soon as you have started moving on the train, you can use the previously stolen hacker device to change the signals, as the train must keep moving. If you don’t react, the emergency brake will be activated and you will be on a platter.

How exactly does it work? Use the chopper device when you approach a signal to change it. The train brakes automatically when you approach a red signal.

Hack the train signals in advance. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Concealed Weapons

Now it’s time to make some decisions that will have a direct impact on the final.

In summary, you have to procure weapons, equipment and a getaway car.

Vincent will give you pictures of the 3 possible targets at the start of the mission. You can steal weapons and equipment from three different gangs.

Basically, you only need to rob one of the three targets. It’s up to you which weapons and equipment you prefer for the subsequent heist.

Which weapon and equipment should I choose? Weapons and equipment are basically divided from light to heavy. So if you want heavy weapons and heavy armor, you should raid the military. For those who prefer to move quickly and agilely through the factory, the professional equipment is more suitable.

Basically, however, you can complete the raid with any equipment without encountering unsolvable problems.

  • Marabunta Grande (A): Just a small gang with rather suboptimal equipment, but easier to steal. However, the weapons and equipment are not really optimal.
    • Weapons: Heavy rifle, tactical MP, heavy shotgun, pipe bombs
    • Equipment: Light armor, low stamina reduction
You can find the equipment in the trunk of one of the vehicles. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de
  • Professionals (B): This gang is on a yacht off Los Santos, no military-style security, but no small-time crooks either. Our choice!
    • Weapons: Compact rifle, combat pistol, mini-MP, crowbar, Molotov cocktails
    • Equipment: Medium armor, medium stamina reduction
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de
  • Military (C): Heavily armed militia in the desert of Blaine County with meticulous security precautions, weapons and equipment are serviceable
    • Weapons: Machine gun, AP pistol, combat shotgun, grenades
    • Equipment: Heavy armor, large stamina reduction
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Take the weapons and equipment to Vincent’s lockup. Using the SMS function on your cell phone, all you have to do is tell Vincent what equipment you want to use during the Cluckin’ Bell raid.

Hit and RunSetup

To be able to escape from the factory again later, you will need a getaway car that cannot be traced. In this case, you also have a choice of three different options.

At the start of the mission, Vincent will send you pictures of the three vehicles. You can use these to decide which getaway vehicle you want to steal.

Each time you restart the mission, the vehicles you can steal change. For objective A, however, you usually get a fast sports car, for objective B an armored variant that is still quite fast and for objective C an off-road vehicle with good armor.

As with the weapons and equipment, it all depends on your preferences and how you want to organize your later escape.

These vehicles were available at our three locations. In the case of a new passage, however, these may also be different models.

  • Objective A: Declasse Moonbeam Custom (van), special feature: the sliding doors can be opened while driving, allowing heavy weapons to be used from the rear seats. Perfect if there are several of you on the run!
  • Objective B: Armored Ocelot Jugular (sports car), moderately fast, can withstand a lot
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de
  • Objective C: Barrage (military vehicle), slowest, well suited for off-road escape

A special feature is objective C, as the vehicle here is attached to a Cargobob. It is best to shoot down the cargo helicopter with a railgun or a guided missile launcher. Don’t worry, the vehicle won’t be damaged by the rough landing! At the same time, however, you will have to deal with several combat helicopters and some ground units!

Don’t worry, the vehicle can take it! © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Once you have decided on a vehicle, take it back to the garage that is displayed on the map. Here you can grab the getaway vehicle after the robbery and make off with it.

You can also steal all three vehicles and take them to the garage. Then let Vincent know via text message which vehicle you want to use for the Cluckin’ Bell robbery. In this case, you will receive additional money.

Disorganized Crime

In order for the intrusion into the Cluckin’ Bell factory to work as planned, the next step is to sabotage the cartel’s supply lines.

To do this, you have to raid the Cluckin’ Bell building on Innocence Boulevard. Only if you cause chaos will your unscheduled train be waved through when it arrives at the factory.

So the main objective is to find the cartel’s depot and sabotage their fleet of trucks.

The secondary objective is to find a key card that will allow you to enter the restricted areas of the factory.

Finally, you should keep an eye out for a driver’s uniform. This could be useful for getting into the depot and tackling the trucks.

Hacking Cartel Transporters

First of all, you will now see two cartel transporters on the map. Hack the GPS data of the two vehicles to find the cartel’s garage. To do this, simply drive close to the vans and then start the hacking process. Also grab the uniform of one of the eliminated drivers.

Grab the uniform and then hack the second transporter. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

As soon as you have also hacked the second van, you will be shown the location of the garage.

Stealing a Key Card

Once in the garage, the objective is to secretly sabotage the Cluckin’ Bell transporters. However, if you destroy one of the vehicles or attract the cartel’s attention in any other way, they will be on high alert during the subsequent raid!

So once again, it’s up to you how you want to proceed!

Proceed silently: Sabotage the four trucks by pressing the corresponding button on the front of the vehicle’s engine and then take the key card.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

After sabotaging the vehicles, first go to the office and delete the surveillance video recordings. Then you can take care of the other enemies in peace.

Now take the drill on one of the wooden crates and go into one of the two rooms with the lockers. Here you have to open the right locker with the help of the drill you picked up earlier in order to get the key card.

Finally in possession of the key card. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Note: Some of the lockers contain bags of cash, which you can also grab.

The last thing to do is leave the area to complete the final preparation mission.

If you have not been caught or have deleted the surveillance videos quickly enough, you can use the crates on a nearby truck to get into the factory undetected.

Now just delete the surveillance videos! © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

So grab the truck and take it to Vincent’s lockup.

Crime Scene

Now you have completed all the preparation missions, you can move on to the grand finale.

If you previously chose a silent approach, you can now enter the factory in one of the wooden crates. A forklift will take you inside the building unnoticed. In a short cutscene, you climb out of the crate and can then quietly take out the guards and follow Vincent’s further instructions.

In this way, there are far fewer opponents to deal with as the game progresses.

If you have attracted the attention of the cartel in advance, you will start in front of the building while your opponents are lowering the large gate. Destroy the fuse box to unlock the roller shutter.

The additional equipment that your crew has procured can be found in a dumpster outside the factory.

Once you’re in the Cluckin’ Bell factory, you’ll need to destroy another fuse box. Then find your way to the cocaine storage area. Your keycard will give you access to restricted areas in the factory, including the basement.

So use the key card to open the door. Down in the cellar you will find four stacks of cocaine. Kill the guards and put the drugs in your bag as quickly as possible.

Grab the cocaine. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

In another area, you have to search the crates for cocaine. Grab the crowbar and open all the marked crates until you have collected enough cocaine.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

The next step is to search for the safe. You will find it in the factory office.

Now look for the key to the office door or simply shoot the lock to gain access. However, the latter option will trigger an alarm.

The keys are located on a table in the previous area, right next to a fire extinguisher.

Inside the office, the first thing you need to do is hack the office computer. To find the safe code on the computer, you need to activate several signals for the hacking device.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Once you have selected the device, observe the signal strength and find the point at which the signal is strongest in order to read the safe codes. If the bars are blue, the direction is correct; if the bars are red, you should correct the direction.

Use the hacking device to find three computers scattered around the factory to obtain the vault code data. Then all you have to do is use the vault code to open the safe. You can see the code directly on the hacking device.

In our case, this was the combination for the safe:

  • This is the Vault Code: 13-16-03

However, this changes with every run!

Now just steal the cash from the vault. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Now steal the cash from the safe, leave the office and then shoot the fuse box to unlock the roller shutter to the left of the room. Some cops and cartel men are waiting for you outside the factory.

So run as quickly as possible to the marked garage where you previously parked your getaway car.

Now it’s time to take the loot to Vincent’s hideout. However, you will have to shake off both the police and the cartel men beforehand.

Shake off the cops and the cartel men and then drive back to Vincent. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Cluckin’ Bell robbery: what’s the reward?

If you successfully complete the Cluckin’ Bell heist finale, you will receive a total of 500,000 GTA dollars and RP as the leader. You will also receive an additional 250,000 GTA dollars on the first run.

This means you’ll earn more than 750,000 GTA dollars in around an hour of gameplay, as some of the preparation missions also earn a little money. Not a bad balance!

All other members will receive 10 percent of the 500,000 GTA dollars, i.e. only 50,000 GTA dollars, and an additional 250,000 GTA dollars on the first run.

At the same time, you have unlocked the lower purchase price of 4,065,000 GTA dollars for the Gauntlet Interceptor emergency vehicle.

Well earned, your loot! © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

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