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GTA Online: Earn Money with the Bail Office

The Bottom Dollar Bounties update in GTA Online gives you the opportunity to purchase your own bail enforcement office and set off in search of bail jumpers from here.

In this article, we explain how much money you need to invest to get started with these jobs: bail office prices.

There are two ways to earn money through your bail bond agency. We explain these two options in the following lines.

Option 1: Earn money with the bail office

As soon as you have bought a bail bonds office, you can start earning money with your new business. To do this, sit down at the computer in your office to display the target persons you are currently looking for.

There are always four different bail jumpers available for you to search for. For three of these criminals you will normally receive 35,000 to 40,000 GTA dollars.

© Rockstar Games

In addition, there is a refugee who has a particularly high priority, which is why you will be paid significantly more for this at around 129,000 GTA dollars. At the same time, these missions are also somewhat more difficult.

Although you can deliver fugitives dead or alive, you will receive significantly less money in the first case.

You should therefore try to deliver the targets as alive as possible. Otherwise, you will take them to the forensics department and then receive your payment. Instead of 129,000 GTA dollars, you will only receive 25 percent of the actual payment in this case.

With the stun gun you have an easy game! © Rockstar Games

So if you want the full amount, be careful and use a Taser to subdue the target. Tip: You can also shoot the weapon out of the hands of armed targets, which disarms them and allows them to be arrested. Next, you can grab the bail fugitive and throw him in the cell of your bail office.

Next, you can grab the bail fugitive and throw him into the cell of your bail office.

Mission successfully completed and the target person delivered alive to the bail office. © Rockstar Games

The normal targets change once an hour, allowing you to go on the search again. The target with the high priority (red frame) only changes once a day (real time), which is why you can only carry out this lucrative job once a day.

In total, you can earn around 238,000 GTA dollars with the bail bonds office in the first hour. As the special target is only available once a day, from the second hour onwards you can only hunt down the four normal criminals for less money.

If you complete all 7 High Demand objectives per event week, you will receive 7x 129,000 = 903,000 GTA dollars.

If you then deliver 3 normal targets every day (we’ll take 35k as an average), you’ll earn around 840,000 GTA dollars per week.

All in all, you can earn around 1,743,000 GTA dollars every week from the bounty missions. Not bad earnings and, above all, you’ll quickly recoup the purchase price for the bail office.

Option 2: Passive income through bail agents (vault)

In addition to the jobs that only you can do for the bail bond office, you can hire up to two bail agents. Your employees can complete jobs and thus generate additional income. As soon as the bail agent has completed their job, Jenette will contact you and place the payment in your safe.

To hire a bail bondsman, you have to interact with him in your office. After a short fade to black, he will disappear and start a mission for you, which will cost him an in-game day (48 minutes in real time). After this period, the amount earned passively will be placed in your safe.

Bail agents are pretty expensive. © Rockstar Games

How much money do I earn from bail agents? Each of the two agents earns between 5,000 and 10,000 GTA dollars every 48 minutes. If you have hired two agents, you can earn between 10,000 and 20,000 GTA dollars every 48 minutes. The safe in your office can hold a maximum of 200,000 dollars.

Your earnings from the agents are therefore not particularly high, especially when you consider the high costs for this improvement. If you are not planning to spend a lot of time with your bail agency, then this feature makes little sense.

When will I receive my payment? It is important to note that your bail agents will also speed up the process of how quickly you receive your payout after completing a mission.

  • 0 agents: 24 minutes (half ingame day)
  • 1 Agent: 12 minutes
  • 2 Agents: 6 minutes

Ultimately, you will receive your payment from the agents much faster, which is a nice feature in itself, but it doesn’t change the amount of money.

Earn money through patrols

Since the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, you can also earn money through patrols. On average, these missions earn you around 25,000 GTA dollars. However, as patrols have nothing to do with your bail bonds office, we will only briefly mention this option here. We explain exactly how to start patrols in this article.

Earn money quickly by patrolling. © Rockstar Games

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