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GTA Online: Who is Maude Eccles?

Maude Eccles is a female character in the universe of GTA 5 and GTA Online. Maude is best known for her role as a bounty hunter.

Introduction and background

Maude Eccles is originally introduced in GTA 5, where she lives north of Sandy Stores (Grapeseed) on a small farm. Trevor Philips can collect a total of four bounty missions from this side character.

Trevor, who is known for his ruthless nature, carries out these missions for Maude and brings the targets back either alive or dead.

With the Bottom Dollar Bounties Update, which Rockstar Games released for GTA Online on June 25, 2024, Maude Eccles is looking for a successor for her bail bureau Bottom Dollar Mail Enforcement to track down and arrest evildoers from Los Santos and Blaine County for her. In GTA 5, Maude always talks about retiring.

As soon as the player has acquired their own bail bonds office as a property in GTA Online, they can work together with Maude’s daughter Jeanette to put criminals behind bars and collect the bounty.

Character and meaning

Maude’s rough but humorous nature and her background as a tough survivor add depth and character to GTA 5. She represents one of the many facets of the world of GTA 5, where players will always encounter interesting and unique personalities that enrich the gaming experience.

And in GTA Online, Maude also gives the game more variety and some entertaining conversations.

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