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Rockstar already mentions “big” summer update for GTA Online

Shortly after we experienced the Chop Shop update for GTA Online in December 2023, the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid was added in March. But it seems that Rockstar Games is already gearing up for the next big event – the summer update, which unusually is being mentioned months before its release.

A recent post on Rockstar Games’ official GTA+ website states that players can look forward to the chance to grab an exclusive bonus supercar as part of their GTA+ membership as part of GTA Online’s upcoming major summer update.

“Plus, look out for the opportunity to secure a new bonus super car as part of your GTA+ Membership with this summer’s big GTA Online update.”

This suggests that the 2024 summer update could be of particular significance, as Rockstar usually only makes such announcements when an update full of significant new features is actually imminent.

In addition, GTA+ members are promised an extra million GTA dollars a month over the summer on top of the regular 500,000 GTA dollars. This could indicate that Rockstar is preparing players for the introduction of lots of new and expensive content in GTA Online.

With regard to the release date of the 2024 summer update, it is expected to be launched around the start of the summer calendar on June 21 at the earliest, possibly even later in the summer, possibly in August.

A look at the release dates of previous summer updates shows that Rockstar has usually released them around the beginning of the summer, with August being an exception so far.

All summer updates for GTA Online:

  • 2019: The Diamond Casino & Resort – July 23
  • 2020: Los Santos Summer Special – August 11
  • 2021: Los Santos Tuners – July 20
  • 2022: Criminal Enterprises – July 26
  • 2023: San Andreas Mercenaries – June 13

As far as the content of the update is concerned, Rockstar has yet to provide any details, which leaves room for speculation. It could be that we are in for another big heist that will provide several hours of entertainment. We will of course keep you up to date and share all the latest news about GTA Online here.

So far, this information is only based on speculation from the community. What are your expectations and wishes for the 2024 summer update? Let us know your thoughts and hopes in the comments.

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