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GTA Online: How do I start Dispatch Work?

As soon as you are in one of the patrol cars in GTA Online, you will be hailed by Officer Vincent Effenburger after the release of the Bottom Dollar Bounties update.

How do I start dispatch work? Take a seat in the driver’s seat of a police vehicle and then press the right analog stick on your controller.

Note: You must not be a CEO if you want to start patrols.

© Rockstar Games

If you are not a CEO, all you have to do is press the directional pad to the right to accept the dispatch work.

© Rockstar Games

You don’t necessarily have to buy one of the three police vehicles that were unlocked with the release of the Bottom Dollar Bounties update. The patrols can also be started from the police cars released as part of the Chop Shop update.

Note: As part of the drip feed content, more police vehicles will be unlocked in the weeks following the update. We have listed all the vehicles in the update for you in this article.

At the moment, dispatch work in GTA Online can only be started with the following six police vehicles:

  • Impaler SZ Cruiser
  • Dorado Cruiser
  • Greenwood Cruiser
  • Gauntlet Interceptor
  • Unmarked Cruiser
  • Stanier LE Cruiser

Once you have accepted a patrol, Vincent will send you the exact location to which you must drive. What’s interesting is that from this point on you can leave your police vehicle and fly to the mission marker in the Oppression MK II, for example.

Once you have reached the marker, you usually have to eliminate criminals or defuse explosives.

In our case, for example, the generals of the cartel had to be eliminated. Here you usually have to deal with a whole pack of enemies, all of whom are very well armed. On another patrol, we had to take out enemies at the Land Act dam and defuse three bombs within a set time limit.

You have to press the right buttons to defuse the explosive charges. However, these mini-games are never particularly difficult. © Rockstar Games

You will receive 25,000 GTA dollars for each completed mission. These missions take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. If you leave the police car and use a helicopter, for example, you can even complete many of the missions in just a few minutes. So the 25,000 GTA dollars are pretty easy and quickly earned money.

Patrols in GTA Online are fast and uncomplicated. © Rockstar Games

However, there is a cooldown for patrols. However, this is currently only 5 minutes, which is why you can accept the next mission after a short time.

If you manage 10 dispatch work, you will have already earned a whopping 250,000 GTA dollars. At the same time, you can unlock the purchase prices of the new police vehicles by driving patrols, which means you can even save money at the same time!

So if you already have a police vehicle anyway, you can quickly earn some extra money on the side by driving patrols.

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