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GTA Online: Bottom Dollar Bounties – Prices of the Bail Offices

How much do the bail offices cost in GTA Online? There are a total of 5 bail bonds offices available to you in GTA Online, each located at a different place in the game world.

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To get started with the business, simply go to the Maze Bank Foreclosures website and select the bail bonds office option. You will then only be shown properties in this category.

You can choose from these 5 bail offices (sorted by price):

  • Palito Bay: $1,650,000
  • Del Perro: $2,350,000
  • Davis: $2,000,000
  • Mission Row: $2,390,000
  • Vinewood Mitte: $2,620,000
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Which bail office should I buy?

Four of the five available bail bonds offices are located in Los Santos. Although the property in Palio Bay is the cheapest office with a price of just 1,650,000 GTA dollars, the connection to your other properties and Los Santos in general is extremely poor.

If you have a little more money in your account, you should buy one of the bail bonds offices in Los Santos. Depending on the location of your other companies, the property in Mission Row or Vinewood Mitte may have the best connections. However, these are also the most expensive properties.

From Vinewood, which is located in the north of Los Santos, you also have the shortest route if a mission sends you in the direction of Sandy Shores. The property in Mission Row is located directly on the highway, which takes you quickly out of the city.

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Which improvements should I buy?

  • Style: Three styles (Classic Cell $0, Criminal Motif $125,000, Court Paneling $145,000 )
  • Agents: $750,000 per agent 2x = $1,500,000
  • Personal Quarters: $295,000
  • Gun Locker: $175.000
  • Armor Plating: $125,000

The most expensive bail office in Vinewwood Center will cost you a total of 4,860,000 GTA dollars with all improvements.

If you invest 750,000 GTA dollars each to hire experienced bail agents, they can complete jobs for you, generating additional money. However, two agents cost a whopping 750,000 GTA dollars in total, so it will take some time before your investment has paid off.

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The private rooms for 295,000 GTA dollars serve as a spawn point and to replenish your snacks. Basically, this improvement is not absolutely necessary.

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If you already have a gun cabinet in one of your other locations, you don’t necessarily need one in the bail office. So only buy it if you have enough money.

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Ultimately, you will receive the Declasse Van for free when you purchase the bail bonds office, but an armor upgrade for this vehicle will cost you another 125,000 GTA dollars. However, as the price is not particularly high, but the benefits are certainly there, we recommend this upgrade. It will make the bounty missions a little easier, as your van will be able to withstand much more.

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What do I get by buying a bail office?

A total of four different bail jumpers are always available for you to search for on the computer in your bail office. You will receive around 30,000 to 40,000 GTA dollars for three of these criminals.

In addition, there is a refugee who has a particularly high priority, which is why you will be paid significantly more for it at around 129,000 GTA dollars. At the same time, these missions are also somewhat more difficult.

This is what it looked like on our first run:

  • Target 1: $36,000
  • Target 2: $36,000
  • Target 3: $37,000
  • Target 4: $127,000 (High Demand)

Although you can deliver fugitives dead or alive, you will receive significantly less money in the first case.

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You should therefore try to deliver the targets as alive as possible. Otherwise, you’ll take the people to the forensics department and then receive your payment. Instead of 129,000, this will only be around 32,000 GTA dollars.

So if you want the full amount, be careful and use a Taser to subdue the target. Next, you can grab the bail fugitive and throw him in the cell of your bail office.

The normal targets change once an hour, allowing you to go on the search again. The target with the high priority (red frame) only changes once a day (real time), which is why you can only carry out this lucrative job once a day.

In total, you can earn around 238,000 GTA dollars with the bail bonds office in the first hour. As the special target is only available once a day, from the second hour onwards you can only hunt down the four normal criminals for less money.

In this case, the earnings per hour would be around 145,000 GTA dollars.

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