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GTA Online: When is the 2024 Summer Update coming? Time & Date

Update from June 18, 2024: Rockstar Games has announced a specific release date for the summer update 2024 and also released a new trailer for Bottom Dollar Bounties.

All the content that comes into play with Bottom Dollar Bounties is summarized in this article.

You can watch the trailer here:


When will the 2024 summer update be released?

Update: The 2024 Summer Update entitled Bottom Dollar Bounties will be released on Tuesday, June 25, 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Um welche Uhrzeit wird Bottom Dollar Bounties freigeschaltet?

Rockstar Games veröffentlicht Updates häufig um 10:00 Uhr UTC.

Below I have listed the approximate times at which the updates were released in Germany:

  • 10:00 UTC corresponds to 12:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time, which applies in Germany during summer time).

Rockstar Games officially announced the big Summer Update 2024 for GTA Online at the beginning of June and gave a first look at the content players can expect.

However, Rockstar has not shared with the public exactly when the major update will be released. So we are currently a little in the dark and don’t know exactly when we can expect the new content.

In the official Rockstar Newswire, the developer only gives a rough timeframe for when the new tools and additional elements for Creator will be released. They say:

“Plus, utilize new tools and props to create custom, high-octane Drift and Drag Races in the Creator, and much more later this month.”

It can be assumed that these tools will be released together with the other content as part of the summer update. We can therefore expect a release in the coming weeks of June.

Since Rockstar usually releases new updates on Tuesdays, the new content can basically only be released on the following days:

  • Tuesday, June 11, 2024
  • Tuesday, June 18, 2024
  • Tuesday, June 25, 2024

A look at previous years shows that Rockstar Games has usually released its summer updates towards the middle or end of June:

2023: San Andreas Mercenaries

  • Publication date: June 13, 2023
  • Main contents:
    • Introduction of “Los Santos Angels”, a mercenary group
    • New missions and operations
    • New vehicles and weapons
    • Improvements and balancing changes

2022: The Criminal Enterprises

  • Publication date: July 26, 2022
  • Main contents:
    • Enhancements and improvements for CEO offices, biker clubs, nightclubs and bunkers
    • New missions and activities in free mode
    • New vehicles and weapons
    • Gameplay improvements, such as a better user interface and new QoL changes

2021: Los Santos Tuners

  • Publication date: July 20, 2021
  • Main contents:
    • Launch of LS Car Meet, a new social hub for car enthusiasts
    • New tuner vehicles and customization options
    • New races and tuner-based missions
    • New collectibles and challenges

2020: Los Santos Summer Special

  • Publication date: August 11, 2020
  • Main contents:
    • New co-op missions that can be launched from the superyacht
    • New business battles and opponent modes
    • New vehicles and customization options
    • Numerous bug fixes and gameplay improvements

2019: The Diamond Casino & Resort

  • Publication date: July 23, 2019
  • Main contents:
    • Opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort
    • New Casino Heist missions
    • Introduction of penthouse apartments and exclusive VIP missions
    • New vehicles and exclusive casino prizes
    • Numerous improvements and QoL changes

Release times of the summer updates in Germany:

  • 2023: San Andreas Mercenaries
    • 13. Juni 2023, 12:00 Uhr MESZ
  • 2022: The Criminal Enterprises
    • 26. Juli 2022, 12:00 Uhr MESZ
  • 2021: Los Santos Tuners
    • 20. Juli 2021, 12:00 Uhr MESZ
  • 2020: Los Santos Summer Special
    • 11. August 2020, 12:00 Uhr MESZ
  • 2019: The Diamond Casino & Resort
    • 23. Juli 2019, 12:00 Uhr MESZ

These times may vary slightly, but Rockstar Games usually sticks to this approximate schedule for their updates.

How big were the summer updates in recent years?

As with most other updates to GTA Online, you should expect a few gigabytes to be used on your system.

2023: San Andreas Mercenaries

  • Size: ~6-8 GB (depending on platform)

2022: The Criminal Enterprises

  • Size: ~5-7 GB (depending on platform)

2021: Los Santos Tuners

  • Size: ~3-4 GB (depending on platform)

2020: Los Santos Summer Special

  • Size: ~2-3 GB (depending on platform)

2019: The Diamond Casino & Resort

  • Size: ~3-4 GB (depending on platform)

Note: These sizes may of course vary slightly depending on the platform and specific installation requirements.

It can be assumed that Rockstar will share more details about the summer update for GTA Online in the coming days or weeks. At GTAUp.de we will of course keep you up to date at all times and report as soon as there is news about GTA Online or GTA 6.

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