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GTA Online: All info about Crime Scenes

In Grand Theft Auto Online, players can discover so-called crime scenes where, with a bit of luck, they can find one of five weapon parts for the M16. These crime scenes are spread across ten different locations throughout the game world and are not so easy to track down.

What is a crime scene in GTA Online?

A crime scene in GTA Online is indicated by a small blue dot on the minimap when players are in the vicinity. As soon as you reach the crime scene, the player stands in a blue circle, the blue dot disappears and the surroundings are marked with barriers, police vehicles, outlines of murder victims, blood, suitcases and bags.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

You can search for evidence at these crime scenes and collect it to receive 25,000 GTA dollars and RP.

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If you do not yet own the M16, you can also collect weapon components at these crime scenes. However, caution is advised as there may be police officers present who will attack you for interfering with the investigation.

The primary function of the crime scenes was originally to collect the five weapon parts for the M16 as part of a treasure hunt, which can then be put together to complete the weapon. However, you can now also buy the rifle directly from Ammu Nation.

A prime example of a crime scene! © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Another incentive to search for crime scenes is the unlocked discount for the Stanier LE Cruiser police vehicle. Normally the vehicle costs 4,690,000 GTA dollars, but by finding a crime scene the price drops to 3,517,000 GTA dollars.

These three vehicles have been integrated into GTA Online with the Chop Shop Update. © Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Crime scenes appear randomly at fixed locations and there is a 30-minute cooldown after each crime scene found. However, you can bypass this cooldown by switching between private and public lobbies.

You can find a crime scene at these locations:

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Searching for crime scenes can be made easier by setting your spawn point in a public lobby to “last location” and then rejoining the lobby. With a bit of luck, a crime scene will appear and the search could be successful within about 20 minutes.

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