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GTA Online: How can I skip the tutorial?

If you’re just starting out with GTA Online, you may be wondering whether you can skip the initial tutorial. In this guide, we explain how you can get into the game quickly.

Can I skip the tutorial in GTA Online?

At the beginning of GTA Online, you will be guided through a tutorial that introduces and explains basic functions such as missions, heists and social interactions.

Skipping this tutorial has long been a topic of debate among players. However, there are important reasons why completing the tutorial is recommended:

  • Understanding the game mechanics: The tutorial provides a comprehensive introduction to the complex mechanics of GTA Online.
  • Unlocking features: Some game functions and content are only accessible after the tutorial has been completed.

Tips for getting through the tutorial quickly

Although there is no official method to skip the tutorial completely, there are ways to speed up the process:

  1. Efficiency: Concentrate on completing tasks quickly and effectively. Avoid unnecessary side activities.
  2. Preparation: Make sure your internet connection is stable to minimize interruptions and loading times.
  3. Help from friends: Some parts of the tutorial can be completed more quickly if you are supported by experienced players.

How do I skip the GTA Online tutorial?

As already mentioned, you cannot skip the tutorial in GTA Online when you play the title for the first time. It is recommended to go through the tutorial as it will help you to better understand the game world. It also gives you free vehicles and progress in your rank level. If you still want to skip the tutorial, there are two known methods:

Create a second character: GTA Online offers new players the tutorial. This is started as soon as you have created a new character. However, you can also create multiple characters. If you have created more than one character, the game will ask you whether you want to go through the tutorial or skip it.

Even as a new player, you can simply create a second character, select it and start the game. You then have the option of skipping the GTA Online tutorial.

Fail while playing the tutorial: If you fail the first tutorial mission three times in a row, the game will offer you the option to skip the tutorial and jump straight into the free mode of GTA Online. This is the most common technique players use to skip the GTA Online tutorial. Once in free mode, you can play with your friends and enjoy the game.

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