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GTA Online: How to make money quickly In 2024

There are many ways to spend GTA dollars in GTA Online. But first you have to find out how you can earn enough money to be able to spend it again.

If you have just started with GTA Online, you will have to invest a lot of money to play in the top league and literally swim in money.

In this comprehensive guide, we give you useful tips on how you can earn a lot of money quickly.

We start with useful tips on how you can manage to accumulate medium-sized amounts that can be invested to get to the really big money.

GTA Online: The best tips for beginners

How can I earn a lot of money quickly online? We’ll tell you how to earn large sums of GTA dollars quickly without investing too much time and effort. Easy money for the small-time criminal with big goals. These points will also help you get a feel for the game and familiarize yourself with the world of GTA Online.

There are these ways to earn money quickly in GTA Online.

Completes daily objectives

Every day in GTA Online you are given three new daily objectives, the requirements of which are usually very different from one another. For example, you have to steal a vehicle from the military base, jump out of a plane from a height of less than 100 meters, rob the nearest supermarket or steal a car for Simeon.

The requirements are generally not particularly difficult, but the rewards are comparatively high. If you complete all three objectives, you will receive 30,000 GTA dollars and 3,000 RP.

But that’s not all. If you stay on the ball, you can easily earn a lot of money this way. If you manage to complete the daily objectives for a week, you will receive 150,000 GTA dollars and if you manage to complete these side tasks for a whole month, you will be rewarded with no less than 750,000 GTA dollars. With a fortune like that, you can do all sorts of fun things in the world of GTA Online.

And the best thing is: If you can’t get online one day, this doesn’t interrupt the challenge. Only the days on which you were actually in the game count. You can find out how many times in a row you have completed the daily objectives in the pause menu under Statistics – Awards – General.

Earn money in GTA 5: How to get cash online!
Earn money quickly in GTA 5 Online? No problem with this guide! © Rockstar Games

Stealing and delivering cars

If you are completely new to GTA Online and want to build up a thorough base first, you can steal and deliver cars for Simeon. However, there are two catches: firstly, you have to wait until the shady car dealer contacts you and unfortunately this is a random event.

So it may be that you come online and Simeon contacts you directly, but it can also happen that you don’t hear anything from the gangster for hours.

Then, of course, you have to find one of the cars he has listed and that can sometimes be a real pain. Especially if none of the cars really earn much. But with a bit of luck, you’ll find a car in the list that will earn you a good 10,000 GTA dollars.

Earning money in this way is therefore only really suitable if you have nothing better to do anyway or if you happen to pass one of the carts you are looking for on the way from A to B.

Also for solo gamers: earn money with “Easy missions”

Missions can be played in groups, but most of them can also be completed alone. This makes these mini-tasks a good way of earning good money quickly without a partner. These jobs are even easier if you can call a heavily armored vehicle your own, such as the armored Kuruma.

Most tasks are very easy to accomplish in this bulletproof car, as all you have to do is flatten all the opponents without running the risk of being shot over yourself.

You can find the missions in the pause menu under Online – Missions. On the right-hand side you will see a summary of the mission description and the required number of players. Choose a job here that can be played alone. Ideally, of course, a mission that is part of the event week and therefore earns double GTA dollars and RP.

In general, the mission A Job for a Titan is particularly popular, as it yields almost 12,000 GTA dollars and can be easily accomplished in an armored car. Simply run over all the enemies in front of the hangar, grab the Titan and land it on Trevor’s airfield.

Take part in events and raid stores

Another way to bag some cash in the early stages of GTA Online are the random events in Los Santos. These are mini-games that are activated at random and can take place anywhere on the map. Sometimes you have to hold a certain location for as long as possible or reach the highest speed of all players in a car, while other times you have to drive backwards for as long as possible.

There are events in which you have to fly upside down in an airplane for as long as possible and in other challenges you have to race past as many cars as possible.

This way you can earn a few thousand GTA dollars and RP. You can also visit and rob stores in the city on your way to new locations. To do this, threaten the cashier with a gun and shoot at his inventory to make him hurry up and pack up the money.

Make sure your getaway car is ready, as the police are alerted to every robbery without exception. In addition, the store owner may try to shoot you as you leave his store, so be on your guard!

By the way, you can give money that I collect through such events and raids to your friends and other players at your own discretion. You can find a detailed guide on how this works here.

GTA 5: Earn money online with events and raids.
A robbery is a quick way to earn money. © Rockstar Games

Time trials – earn a lot of money for little effort

The time races in GTA 5’s online mode rotate weekly and are an easy way to earn a lot of money quickly. You don’t have to activate them via the menu, but can simply click on the small symbols that can be found all over Los Santos.

These tasks are displayed on the map as purple stopwatches and can be started at that point, i.e. while you are in the online session. In the timed races, you have to reach the finish line within the specified time and receive up to 100,000 GTA dollars for this achievement.

If bonuses are active, you will of course receive even more. However, there are also two negatives in this calculation. Firstly, you can only earn this amount once a week and secondly, such a time race is not necessarily easy.

You should already have some experience at the wheel and if you have an accident on the track, it is virtually impossible to meet the target. Practice diligently and visit the time trials from time to time, then you can easily amass a small fortune in less than two minutes.

GTA Online: Tips for pros – earn money with your own investment

Once you have amassed your first small fortune in GTA Online with our tips, it’s time to play with the pros. As a rule, you will first have to put a certain amount of money on the table in order to have the opportunity to bag even larger sums of money. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do this, what options are available and how much money you can put in your pocket.

Heists – Earn a lot of money through big robberies

Robberies are the quickest and easiest way to get large amounts of GTA dollars in GTA Online. To be able to start and plan these yourself, however, you must first own a luxury apartment. To do this, go online in the game via your cell phone and visit the real estate market where you can buy such a home.

The prices vary greatly. However, you don’t have to buy the most expensive version to start a heist; a small, slightly more modest luxury apartment is enough to make you a big player in the world of gangsters and crooks.

You can use your cell phone to accept requests from other players who are coordinating their own heists and are rewarded on successful completion. As the coordinator of such a heist, you can of course also invite other players to join you.

Bear in mind that the initiator of such a mission only invests and is only paid out after the successful completion of the raid, which can only be started after a few preparation missions. So when it comes to setting the rewards for your comrades-in-arms at the end, you should not forget your own expenses.

Although you can tackle the heists with any player, we still recommend that you choose reliable players, as it can happen that the chemistry with strangers is not right, that they deliberately don’t make an effort, or that they act strictly according to their own ideas and leave you out in the cold if necessary. Above all, the right agreement is essential to get a heist off to a good start. Clear communication via Discord or similar is almost a basic requirement!

The Doomsday Heist

Im Gegensatz zu den normalen Raubüberfällen und ähnlich zum The Cayo Peric Heist handelt es sich bei dem Doomsday-Heist um eine zusammenhängende Geschichte, die nach und nach gespielt wird und quasi Endgame-Content in GTA Online darstellt.

To be able to start this special heist, you’ll have to shell out quite a bit of money and buy one of the IAA headquarters. This will give you access to the new, advanced planning room, where you can determine the next steps and start and complete each new mission.

The IAA bases cost several million GTA dollars and the missions require high-tech equipment. It is therefore advisable not to tackle this challenge until you have achieved almost everything else. The effort may be great, but so are the rewards.

The very first act offers 650,000 GTA dollars on normal difficulty and 812,500 GTA dollars on hard. In the final act, there are even a whopping 1,200,000 GTA dollars on normal and 1,500,000 GTA dollars on hard. Be warned, however, that these missions can only be accomplished with a well-coordinated team!

The Casino Heist

Just like the Doomsday Heist, the Casino Heist is only for players who have a lot of change at their disposal and already have professional equipment. You’ll need to buy an arcade in Los Santos to start this heist and there are several ways to pull off this big one.

You can also buy the main control terminal for 1,740,000 GTA dollars, which you can use to control your stores, which are spread all over Los Santos. This is particularly useful for those players who really own a lot of stores and want to save themselves the miserably long journey times.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

The gambling halls cost between 1,235,000 million GTA dollars and over two million GTA dollars, but you will be handsomely rewarded after successfully completing the casino heist.

Depending on the loot in the casino vault and the route you choose for the robbery, you can win between 2,115,000 GTA dollars and 3,290,000 GTA dollars.

You can take an aggressive approach and shoot your way out, sneak quietly in and out of the building or go for the big con and rely on disguises and deception.

Ready for the island: Cayo Perico Heist

You can make a lot of money in the robbery called The Cayo Perico Heist, which can be carried out either completely alone or in a group with up to three other players.

If you are successful, you can take home several million GTA dollars. If you play completely alone, you don’t even have to share this money!

Once you have successfully completed the heist, you can even steal the pink diamond in the villa of drug baron “El Rubio” as your primary objective, which will earn you up to 1,430,000 GTA dollars.

GTA Online: Heists bring in some serious cash! This is how you can earn real money.
A little Heist for a lot of money, anyone? © Rockstar Games

The Motorcycle Club – Drugs make you rich

If you have a bit of spare change, you can buy your own motorcycle club in GTA Online. Now you have the option of hiring other players as members during an online session and taking on smaller missions with them in the clubhouse.

But owning such a club has other advantages too, as you can now buy other properties in which you can grow marijuana, produce coke or manufacture counterfeit money, for example. The costs for such a building are high, but the effort is worth it.

Invest money in upgrades and supplies or steal the funds you need through side missions. With pals at your side, this can be done very quickly and once the drug den is filled to the brim with goods, you can deliver them to Los Santos and earn a lot of money.

Depending on where your illegal business is located, you can decide to deliver the goods to the north or the south of the map. The further away the location is from your property, the greater the profit.

But be warned: Other players will be notified if you want to sell drugs and some of them will have a lot of fun messing up your tour. After all, the person who sabotages you will also receive some cash and RP. But with winnings of up to 300,000 GTA dollars just 18 hours after purchasing the property, the temptation is simply too great to ignore this kind of money-making.

Sell goods as CEO and earn money

Earning money as an entrepreneur? It’s possible! If you have the means to invest even more money than was already the case with the motorcycle club, you can become a CEO in GTA Online and, since the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, determine the financial market of Los Santos.

To do this, you need to take out your smartphone and visit the Dynasty8 Executive Realty website, where you can buy an office building and then set up your own company. Just like with the motorcycle club, you can implement all kinds of gimmicks here, but above all you can make a lot of money!

After you have bought a company headquarters, which can cost anywhere between one and four million GTA dollars, you should purchase a warehouse. Now you can order crates of goods from your office, which you have to collect in the city and bring to the warehouse.

At best, you can get help from other players who you can hire as employees. Keep doing this until the warehouse is full to the brim and then deliver the crates by boat, plane or land vehicle for maximum profit.

Although it can take a few hours to fill your warehouse and you always have to worry about enemy players thwarting your plans when delivering, if you are successful, you can win up to 2 million GTA dollars!

Bear in mind that the larger the warehouse, the more crates you can store and the more money you can earn from delivering them. It therefore makes sense to save some money first and buy a large warehouse straight away.

GTA Online, GTA$ Earn money as CEO
© Rockstar Games

Selling cars and earning money as CEO

As CEO in GTA Online, you can also purchase luxury cars and sell them later, which also earns you a lot of money in a very short time. To do this, you need a vehicle warehouse or garage to store the cars. On the computer in your office or in your Terrorbyte, you then select vehicle trading instead of material procurement.

Then click on Procure vehicle and you will be assigned a car with a low, medium or high sales value. Drive to the position shown, grab the car and take it to your garage.

Make sure you don’t damage the car when you buy it, as you will have to bear the cost of repairs yourself. Now you can go to the computer in your vehicle warehouse and pimp and sell the stolen car. There is a little trick you can use to make as much profit as possible. Collect standard and mid-range cars and don’t sell them.

As the game doesn’t want to sell you a car twice, from a certain point onwards you will only be allocated luxury cars and the proceeds from their delivery will be significantly higher!

Selling luxury cars in GTA Online is considered the easiest and most lucrative way to make extremely large sums of money in a relatively short time.

Complete bunker missions as CEO

Completing bunker missions as a CEO works in a similar way to the motorcycle club’s drug trade. But first you need a bunker, which can cost anywhere from just over one to over two million GTA dollars, depending on the location in Las Santos.

Now you have to either buy the goods you need from your bunker on your PC or indicate that you want to buy them personally. Your employees will then be busy producing and after a while you can sell the goods in the town.

As with the other delivery missions, you must also make sure that other players are aware of your activity in the bunker missions. If you are sure that your employees have produced enough goods and want to deliver them to the people, you must always be careful that hostile players do not get in your way.

It is therefore advisable to make a pact with friends or friendly players and go on tour together.

Complete hangar missions as CEO

If you want to complete hangar missions and gain access to Fort Zancudo Airport, you have to buy a hangar. Depending on the location, the good piece costs between 1.2 and 3.2 million GTA dollars.

Similar to the CEO job, you first have to get the goods and fill your hangar with them. This time, however, the corresponding jobs take place in an airplane, which is why it is advisable to get some practice flying first. The supply missions depend on which goods you want to store, and you can choose from a wide range of options, from narcotics and animal material to counterfeit goods.

Collect as many goods as your hangar can hold, as this also serves as a warehouse. Then it’s time to sell the goods to the people, which can of course attract enemy players. But it’s worth the effort: if you sell 50 crates of narcotics, for example, you will receive around 1.4 million GTA dollars.

© Rockstar Games

Earn money with your own nightclub

The last way you can really earn a lot of money is to buy your own nightclub in Los Santos. Such a club doesn’t really generate much money even after upgrading and you’ll have to keep completing little side missions to lure customers into the establishment, but the dance hall actually only serves as a front for a much more lucrative business. There is a secret warehouse under each disco, which can be expanded to store lots of goods.

The best thing about it: as soon as you have hired an employee, the goods fill up all by themselves. All you need is an illegal business, such as a coke lab, a hangar or a garage for your company.

Depending on the store available to you, the goods in your secret warehouse under the disco will increase and as soon as capacity is reached, you can sell everything in one go. As other players can get on your nerves here too, it is an advantage if you have your own car for deliveries, which can be upgraded for a little money.

How can I earn money in GTA 5 Online?
© Rockstar Games

Buy armor, weapon systems and even mine launchers and improve other values of the transporter to become unstoppable. However, larger quantities of goods also require a larger transporter, which you should buy and upgrade again.

On the other hand, you can earn a lot of money very easily in this way, virtually on the side, while you go about your daily business.

Scrapyard in GTA Online: How much money you can make with the scrap trade

With the Chop Shop Update, Rockstar Games has released a new extensive update for the various platforms in December 2023. The content includes numerous new vehicles and the junkyard as a new property.

As soon as you own such a junkyard, you gain access to five heists, where you have to steal a special vehicle in the grand finale.

In addition to the passive income that your scrap trade brings in (on average around 30,000 to 40,000 GTA dollars), you can earn several hundred thousand GTA dollars in a comparatively short time with the heists.

© Rockstar Games

Quick money with the Cluckin’ Bell robbery

At the beginning of March 2024, Rockstar Games released the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid in GTA Online. This involves several contact missions which, once successfully completed, lead to a grand finale in which you can make a lot of money quickly.

If you successfully complete the Cluckin’ Bell heist finale, you will receive a total of 500,000 GTA dollars and RP as the leader. You will also receive an additional 250,000 GTA dollars on the first run.

This means you’ll earn more than 750,000 GTA dollars in around an hour of gameplay, as some of the preparation missions also earn a little money. Not a bad deal!

You can find our walkthrough of the Cluckin’ Bell heist here!

© Rockstar Games/GTAup.de

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