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GTA Online: How much Money can I earn with Agencies?

With The Contract Update for GTA Online, you can purchase one of four agencies to earn money. In the following lines, we summarize exactly how much money you can earn with the agency contracts.

But first of all, of course, you have to put up the money to buy the property. In this article, we explain how much the various agencies cost.

Please note: You can also complete all of the agency’s assignments and missions alone.

Passive income through the safe

There is a safe in your agency’s office where a maximum of 250,000 GTA dollars can be stored. At the beginning, you will only receive 250 GTA dollars per in-game day (48 minutes) in this safe.

This is not a lot of money, but the amount of daily passive income depends on how many security jobs you have completed. For every 5 security jobs you complete, you will receive an additional 500 dollars. You can earn a maximum of 20,000 GTA dollars every 48 in-game hours if you have completed 201 security missions.

Of course, you also receive money for the individual security jobs. The income amounts to 30,000 to 70,000 dollars per job.

Incidentally, you still have to start the first security mission via your PC in the agency office, from then on you can call Franklin from anywhere to start such a mission. There is also always a few minutes cooldown between the individual missions.

Once you have completed at least three security missions, you can take part in Payphone Hits. These are lucrative assassination missions that can also be completed on the side.

Payphone Hits

As soon as you have completed three security missions, a marker will appear on the map. Drive there and take the call from Franklin at the phone booth.

How much money do I get for this? You will receive around 15,000 GTA dollars for the normal elimination of the target. If you also fulfill the respective conditions for the contract killing, you will receive a bonus of around 70,000 dollars on top. In total, you can receive around 85,000 dollars per assassination.

Complete VIP Job

Every two and a half hours you can tackle Dr. Dre’s VIP job and earn 1,000,000 GTA dollars. We explain exactly how this works in this separate article.

So if you have purchased the cheapest agency for around 2 million dollars and have not bought any further upgrades, you will make a profit after the second round.

Short Trips

Finally, there are the so-called Short Trips missions in GTA Online, which were also introduced as part of The Contract. Here you take on the role of Franklin or Lalar to take part in a total of three story missions.

How do I start Short Trips? Originally, the entire Dr. Dre storyline of The Contract had to be completed as a prerequisite for short trips. Only then would you receive an invitation to visit Record A Studios to start the first mission.

However, this has now changed, as all players can now start these missions via the job menu, even if the exact path is a little hidden.

Go to Online > Jobs > Play Job > Created by Rockstar > Missions and then scroll down until you see the three Short Trip missions. Select the mission you want to play and you will be redirected to the matchmaker to team up with another player. This is because the short trip missions can only be played together with another player in co-op mode.

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These three missions are available in total:

  • Short Trip – Seed Capital

Lamar’s path to legality begins with a warehouse and a truck full of the finest goods. He doesn’t expect any trouble – and that’s all there is to it. When the Vagos show up and demand their cut, Franklin and Lamar have to make sure that crime doesn’t pay off this time.

  • Short Trip – Fire It Up

Lamar wants to take revenge on the Vagos and burn down some of the gang’s illegal greenhouses in the Sandy Shores area. Franklin and Lamar plan to reduce the gang’s crops to ashes, but must be careful not to end up going up in flames themselves.

  • Short Trip – OG Kush

Lamar finds his first big client in Jimmy Boston, an actor and prominent Epsilon supporter. But his plans for Lamar’s company don’t quite have the business synergies Lamar envisioned. Further proof that celebrities will ruin anything – even weed.

How much money do I get for short trips? You will receive an additional 100,000 GTA dollars as a bonus for completing all three missions for the first time. You will receive 50,000 dollars for each mission. This means that if you play through all three missions twice, once as Franklin and once as Lamar, you will receive a total of 900,000 GTA dollars. Not a bad deal!

  • Pass 1 (Lamar): 3x 100.000 GTA$
  • Passage 2 (Franklin): 3x 100,000 GTA$
  • Completion of each mission: 50,000 GTA$ each

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