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GTA 5: Location of the Secret Underwater Hatch

GTA 5 is packed with Easter eggs and secrets waiting to be uncovered by players. Especially, you should take a closer look at the ocean floor. Here, in addition to several ship and plane wrecks, you’ll find a mysterious underwater hatch.

What this mystery in GTA 5 and GTA Online entails will be explained to you in the following lines.

GTA 5: The Mysterious Hatch at the Ocean Floor

Where is the underwater hatch located? In fact, the hatch is not so easy to find, as it is situated in the middle of the ocean, deep down at the bottom of the Pacific.

It’s best to orient yourself towards the Humane Labs and Research Facility, located on the east coast of Blaine County in the San Chianski Mountain Range at the Chianski Passage.

From the facility, you need to head towards the coast and then proceed a bit further south either by walking or driving.

For a better overview, I have marked the exact location on the following map:

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

You definitely need a diving suit or at least a scuba gear to be able to dive down to the hatch.

Due to the high pressure, you should avoid using a submersible, as it can lead to death inside.

Once you approach the hatch, you’ll hear an eerie noise, and you’ll also see a light emanating from it.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

What is the deal with the hatch?

The underwater hatch is a reference to the US TV series Lost, where survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious island in the middle of the jungle discover a hatch.

Approaching this hatch will reveal a light coming from the window, accompanied by Morse code sounds.

“You never call. How do you fancy going bowling?”

This is a reference to the protagonist Roman Bellic from GTA 4. In the game, Roman is repeatedly contacted by his cousin Niko, who wants to go bowling with him. After several attempts to get in touch, Niko starts to become annoying.

Approaching the hatch will result in the death of your character, even if you have activated a cheat for immortality!

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