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GTA 6: New AI Patent Could Enable 70% Walkable Interiors

From the first trailer, we already know that GTA 6 🎮 will feature a quite large and, above all, detailed game world.

While Rockstar Games has not provided concrete information about the map, the community has already created quite detailed maps of the open-world title based on leaks from September 2022 and the trailer.

This satellite map gives us a first rough impression of what to expect in GTA 6.

GTA 6: Rockstar Submits AI Patent

A large game world naturally needs to be filled with diverse content that doesn’t repeat every few meters. And we know that Rockstar Games titles are packed with Easter eggs, secrets, and countless details, making this endeavor likely to be quite massive.

No wonder, then, that the developer has assigned a high importance to the topic of artificial intelligence for quite some time.

AI for Interiors

Particularly intriguing is the submitted AI patent, which leads to randomly generated interiors. This allows rooms and buildings to fit into specific categories.

For example, there could be a luxury apartment and an old apartment, with distinct assets and styles. The differentiation can include aspects like new/worn and clean/dirty.

While there is a general structure, there are also interchangeable functions, objects, and elements that will generate and evolve over time. A room doesn’t change simply by leaving and immediately re-entering it.

Through this advanced AI integration, Rockstar Games claims to have made it possible for 70 percent of the interiors in GTA 6 to be accessible.

In general, one can imagine what such technology, when mature at the time of release, can achieve in an open-world title like GTA 6. You could enter most buildings and each time encounter interior settings that match the overall environment.

GTA 6: AI for NPCs

In addition to the stylish interiors, NPCs in GTA 6 will also benefit from AI integration. They are expected to have AI-generated reactions, moods, and animations based on events, atmosphere, other player or NPC moods, and situations.

For example, an NPC caught in the rain may exhibit random actions related to the current weather conditions. If an NPC is drunk, they could react in various ways, depending on what the AI randomly assigns to the NPC.

There are no predefined animation trees in the game. If you or another NPC do something “crazy,” other NPCs could be commanded by the AI to record you with their smartphones.

Overall, it seems that in GTA 6, NPCs will exhibit much more individual behavior and have a wide variety of spontaneous actions, making the gameplay in the open world even more exciting and diverse.

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