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The alligator is a common reptile that will also be found in GTA 6.

These animals are found in the numerous freshwater lakes, rivers and wetlands throughout the state of Florida, including the Miami region. Specially adapted to freshwater life, the American alligator is an important part of Florida’s ecological balance.

There are numerous nature reserves and everglades in the Miami area that serve as a habitat for alligators. These mighty reptiles are known for their impressive size, powerful armor and characteristic U-shaped snouts. Tourists often have the opportunity to observe alligators in their natural habitat, be it on boat tours through the swamps or in special wildlife reserves.

Alligators can sometimes be found in unexpected places, including residential areas, golf courses and occasionally even in garages or pools. In the first trailer for GTA 6, for example, we see an alligator enter through the front door of a supermarket. The scene is based on an ABC News report from 2013, when an alligator was seen at the front door of Walmart in Florida. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident, as the reptile escaped into the woods shortly afterwards.

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In another scene in the trailer, we see an alligator being pulled out of a pool in a residential area. This encounter is also based on a real case reported by the Fox news service. In the end, the authorities had to intervene to safely remove the animal from the pool.

Overview of all confirmed animals in GTA 6.

Tier Steckbrief
TierklasseMeereskreatur, Reptil
Wissenschaftlicher NameAlligator mississippiensis

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