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GTA 6 only playable in co-op mode? Fans are horrified

Do you prefer to enjoy GTA 6 in relaxed single-player mode or spend an entertaining evening in co-op mode with your friends?

Fan opinions on this question are quite divided, and the recent extensive GTA leak is helping to fuel the debate further. A recent report suggests that GTA 6 could indeed launch with some kind of co-op mode.

GTA 6 with possible co-op function

The release of GTA 6 is planned for 2025. It is expected that the game will initially be released for the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Yes, GTA 6 could possibly have a co-op mode at release, according to leaked gameplay. A Reddit user by the name of Tobbelobben30 reports:

“Although the Grand Theft Auto series (story mode) is traditionally known as a single player experience, leaked clips hint at the possibility of cooperative gameplay (co-op) between the two characters in GTA 6.”

The Reddit user has discovered what looks like a “Player Action Manager”. This could represent various actions in the game that are available to players.

This means that GTA 6 could have a co-op mode, and if you play alone, you could control the second character via a menu.

Concerns about the co-op mode

Ultimately, many GTA fans cannot imagine experiencing their beloved franchise in co-op mode. Although GTA’s multiplayer mode has gained a large fan base through GTA Online, the idea of playing the story campaign in pairs still takes some getting used to for many.

Another concern is that the whole game could then become a kind of co-op experience. If you play alone and give orders to the second character, it can be frustrating if this doesn’t work smoothly, as AI characters are often prone to errors.

A potential split screen is another point that puts off many fans. If there is a co-op game, it should also be playable by two people on one console. Splitscreen implementation could be problematic and is therefore met with reservations.

Part of the community argues that Rockstar Games should follow the tried and tested path:

“I just want them to play it safe. Tell a good story like they can … And maybe even go online and never bring it to light, but that would be too optimistic.”

But not everyone objects to the idea of commanding a bot:

“A bot companion that we can order around? I hope it’s true, because it sounds fantastic!”

Whether all of this will actually be integrated is not yet certain. On the one hand, however, it makes perfect sense, as GTA 6 features two main characters: Lucia and Jason.

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