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GTA 6: Pre-order offers with completely crazy prices online!

After Rockstar Games released the first trailer for GTA 6 in early December 2023, revealing the release year and platforms on which the next open-world smash hit will be released, we’re all pretty excited for more information and details.

The exact release date is still a mystery, and fans of the GTA series can’t wait to find out more – especially when it comes to the price of “Grand Theft Auto 6”. Some gamers believe that the title will be offered at the usual AAA prices (70 to 80 euros), while others are worried about higher costs.

GTA 6 is already on sale

Surprisingly, some retailers already list GTA 6 for pre-sale with various prices. However, the prices are quite steep, especially considering there isn’t even a confirmed release date yet.

For example, three different sellers on the online marketplace G2A are offering a GTA 6 key for the Xbox Series X|S at high prices ranging from 123.82 euros to 125.00 euros. The only information provided is the release year.

It could be placeholders, of course, but it is indeed possible to make a paid pre-order in this store already. It seems unlikely that the difference between these prices and the final retail price at the time of release will be automatically refunded.

On the Gamivo platform, two sellers also offer pre-orders of GTA 6 for $102.21 and $107.52.

But be careful with these offers!

The question remains: Do we really have to pay 20 to 30 euros more for GTA 6 at release than for other games? This question can probably only be answered by Rockstar Games themselves at the moment.

But very important! Official pre-orders will only be possible once GTA 6 has a fixed release date. In the meantime, we strongly advise you not to spend money on supposed pre-order offers for the open-world title, as you will almost certainly have lost your money before GTA 6 is released.

So always keep your eyes open and don’t be lured by any dubious offers!

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