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GTA 6 takes up 750 GB of storage space – Can this be true?

There are rumors about GTA 6 that sound quite realistic at first, and then there are reports that seem pretty far-fetched.

Huge installation size of 750 GB?

The GTAVInewz account on X (formerly Twitter) has shared a text excerpt whose content does not necessarily seem credible. After all, it reports that GTA 6 will allegedly have an installation size of a whopping 750 gigabytes.

However, we are not currently aware of any title that has such an enormous memory size. Even Microsoft Flight Simulator (150 GB), CoD: Modern Warfare (235 GB), Black Ops Cold War (250 GB) or ARK: Survival Evolved with around 275 GB (depending on the maps installed) could not even come close to matching GTA 6 in this respect.

My opinion on this alleged leak

I don’t assume that this information is true. Of course, I can imagine that GTA 6 will also be quite lavish in terms of the storage space required, but certainly not on such an exaggerated scale.

The fact that GTA 6 will be significantly larger than its brother GTA 5 Online with around 100 GB of storage space should come as no great surprise. But why should Rockstar make such a big leap?

The leak seems unrealistic simply because the PS5 and Xbox Series X only have 825 GB and one terabyte of storage space respectively. Owners of the current consoles would therefore have to buy and install a storage expansion.

But that would only make sense if Rockstar Games/Take-Two Interactive were able to secure a cooperation with a major hard disk manufacturer in advance!

© Rockstar Games

But joking aside, we can assume that there is just a prankster behind this report, but he has exaggerated a little too much.

At the same time, the source of the leak is not known, which is why you should treat this report with the utmost caution.

So you don’t need to think about an additional SSD for your console just yet, unless you’re already short of space and can’t part with any of the titles currently installed. Then you should start thinking about it very slowly.

I can already imagine that GTA 6 will require around 150 to 200 gigabytes of storage space.

But it will probably be a while before then. The title is currently expected for the end of 2024 at the earliest. If no announcement is made this year, it could be even later.

The second completely exaggerated piece of information in the text excerpt concerns the duration of the game and the content it contains. Supposedly, players can expect around 400 hours of content. But here, too, there is no source and no further classification.

Is this the theoretical duration of the game, the scope of GTA 6 Online or how can this figure be interpreted?

But what do you think? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments below.

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