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Rich pensioners with guns in GTA 6: Sylt Luxury!

The hype surrounding GTA 6 seems to know no bounds. Ever since the release of the first trailer for Rockstar’s upcoming open-world title, not a single day goes by on the internet without a new report on the subject!

However, GTA 6 will not be released until 2025, and the developer has not yet shared a specific release date with the public.

So somehow we have to exercise patience and occupy ourselves with other things. An AI trailer that simply transports GTA 6 to the German island of Sylt is just what we need.

If GTA 6 was set on Sylt!

The video in question, GTA 6 Trailer Sylt Luxury AI, was uploaded to the YouTube channel Ponywurst Productions and created by GTA fan Andreas O. Loff together with two friends and various AI programs.

And even German Finance Minister Christan Lindner and his wife and CDU leader Friedrich Merz get to appear in it – what an honor!

As Loff tells in the interview with Bild, he realized the trailer in a very short time, which, despite AI assistance, still involved a lot of work:

“I worked for three days straight, didn’t meet any people, not even the mail carrier. After 20 hours, the trailer was finished.”

In the trailer, we basically see everything that we would associate with the well-known North Sea island at first glance: Fast vehicles, beach, a lot of luxury, dangerous criminal families, and adrenaline-soaked pursuits – oh yes, armed retirees must not be missing as well!

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