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T-Pain: GTA 6 involvement leads to the end of GTA 5 RP

Although the release of GTA 6 is still a long way off, we can safely assume that more and more news about this most anticipated title will be released over the coming months and years.

One current topic within the community, for example, is the so-called Florida Joker, which is already providing plenty of entertainment. But GTA 6 already has mass appeal, as the viewing figures for the first trailer impressively demonstrate. The video has been viewed almost 170 million times so far.

Singer and songwriter T-Pain has the privilege of working with Rockstar Games on GTA 6. However, this commitment to his new job also seems to have unintended consequences.

In a livestream, T-Pain confirmed that he is contributing to Rockstar’s long-awaited sequel. At the same time, he was asked by those responsible to finish his role-playing game on NoPixel – a popular GTA 5 role-playing game server operated on third-party servers.

A fan asked T-Pain why he hasn’t been seen on the server for a while, to which he explained: “I used to be on NoPixel, then I started working on GTA VI, and they told me I wasn’t allowed to RP anymore because it was kind of against…. they gave this whole speech, like, ‘What if someone took your album and re-recorded it, and more people would listen to it,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, I kind of get that, but I was having a good time. Alright, that’s fine’,” says T-Pain.

Ironically, Rockstar officially integrated Team Cfx.re into Rockstar Games shortly afterwards.

For those who don’t know Cfx.re: Cfx.re is backed by the largest rock star roleplay and creator communities, FiveM and RedM.

What exactly is FiveM? FiveM is a modification for GTA 5 Online that allows players to create and customize their own multiplayer servers on which they can play the game in a variety of custom modes and settings.

“Then I started working on the game with them, and then they teamed up with the people who do this RP stuff, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute, what? What the hell?… You tell me I can’t do this, and then you partner up with the people who are facilitating the RP?'” said T-Pain, laughing.

Unfortunately, T-Pain did not go any further into this interesting topic in the stream. However, we are curious to see exactly how the singer will be involved in GTA 6. We’ll probably have to wait a little longer before more information is revealed.

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