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All Heists in GTA Online: This is how much money you can earn!

Around two years after the launch of GTA Online, Rockstar Games introduced the first Heist missions. Since then, players can look forward to an ongoing series of increasingly sophisticated and elaborate heists, which, if successfully completed, reward players with considerable sums of GTA dollars.

To give you a comprehensive overview of all Heists in GTA Online and show you what you can earn from each one, we have compiled a list of all Heists below.

Maximum possible loot in all heists in GTA Online in 2024

#1 – The Fleeca Job ($57,500 – $143,750)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Easy)Possible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

This is the first heist that has been added for GTA Online and also the first heist that can only be completed with two players. The objective is to rob a small branch of the Fleeca Bank in Banham Canyon.

You have to invest 11,500 GTA dollars to plan the Heist, and the time required is relatively short.

One player has to keep the customers in the branch at bay with his gun, while the other drills open a locker. After opening the locker, you automatically receive three wanted stars and have to meet up with Lester’s getaway driver to escape the police.

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#2 – The Prison Break ($200,000 – $500,000)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Easy)Possible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

The Prison Break Heist requires a crew of four players to work together and costs 40,000 GTA dollars to prepare.

To start the heist, you have to talk to Lester, who introduces himself to the mysterious Agent 14. You have to free a former military researcher from prison for him and bring him to safety.

#3 – The Humane Labs Raid ($270,000 – $675,000)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Easy)Possible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

In the Humane Labs Raid Heist, you also receive your mission from Agent 14: to infiltrate the Humane Labs and Research Center to find evidence of nerve agents or other biological weapons. The raid requires a crew of four players and will cost you 54,000 dollars to prepare.

#4 – Series A Funding ($202,000 – $505,000)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Easy)Possible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

The Series A Funding Heist is a little different from the other heists in GTA Online. After all, the drugs are procured during the preparation phase of the heist. You need a crew of four players and have to pay 40,400 GTA dollars to get started.

#5 – The Pacific Standard ($500,000 – $1,250,000)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Easy)Possible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

The Pacific Standard Heist is the last heist that offers an easy difficulty level. You also need a whopping 100,000 GTA dollars and a crew of four players to start it.

The objective is to rob the main branch of the Pacific Standard Bank in downtown Vinewood.

#6 – Doomsday Heist

The Doomsday Heist is probably one of the most exciting heists in GTA Online. Three acts await you here, each hiding a mini-heist with its own preparation tasks and a rewarding finale.

In the first act, you are contacted by Avon and his AI, Clifford. Your job is to prevent an attack on the city. The first task is to fend off an attack by Merryweather mercenaries in an IAA facility. Next, you must take over a submarine belonging to a man named Bogdan, who allegedly planned the attack on the IAA facility.

Finally, Bogdan tells you that the AI Clifford is not to be trifled with and must be eliminated at all costs. You also learn that Avon wants to take over the city’s defense structure.

The grand finale awaits you in the third act, in which you have to fight Avon, Clifford and their army of mercenaries.

Act 1: The Data Breaches ($650,000 – $812,500)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

Act 2: The Bogdan Problem ($950,000 – $1,187,500)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

Akt 3: The Doomsday Scenario ($1,200,000 – $1,500,000)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

#7 – Diamond Casino Heist

Cash: ($2,115,000 – $2,326,500)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

Artworks: ($2,350,000 – $2,585,000)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

Gold: ($2,585,000 – $2,843,500)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

Basically, you can’t go far wrong with gold in Casino Heist, as it is worth around half a million GTA dollars more than cash.

Diamonds: ($3,290,000 – $3,619,000)

PlayerCostsPossible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)

Diamonds are by far the most lucrative loot in the Diamond Casino Heist. The catch, however, is that these gems are only available during certain periods. The probability of obtaining them is significantly lower than both of the other three objectives.

How good that there is a little trick for this: As soon as diamonds are theoretically available in the vault, your luck can be helped a little. You can cancel and restart the heist again and again until the vault contains diamonds.

Although you lose 25,000 GTA dollars every time you drop out, the profit from the diamonds as opposed to gold is still worth it!

#8 – Cayo Perico Heist

The Cayo Perico Heist is the most profitable heist in GTA Online for one reason: you can play it alone. This means that you receive 100 percent of the winnings minus some fees.

However, the Cayo Perico Heist is heavily dependent on chance for both its primary and secondary objectives. You can make the most money with the pink diamond and two sets of cocaine.

Good alternatives are one set of cocaine, two sets of weed or one set of cocaine and a painting.

Also, don’t forget to open the safe in the office. Regardless of your luck, you should receive at least 1 million GTA dollars with the Elite Challenge.

Primary goalPlayerCostsPossible Loot (Normal)Possible Loot (Hardcore)
Madrazo Files (Once Only)1-4N/A$1,100,000N/A
Sinsimito Tequila1-4$25,000$900,000$990,000
Ruby necklace1-4$25,000$1,000,000$1,100,000
Bearer bond1-4$25,000$1,100,000$1,210,000
Pink diamond1-4$25,000$1,300,000$1,430,000
Panther statue (only temporarily available)1-4$25,000$1,900,000$2,090,000

In addition to the primary objectives, there are also various secondary objectives:

Secondary goalValue per unitMaximum lootWeight
Cash / bundles$89,420$357,68025%
Art / Paintings$196,100$392,20050%
Coke / packet$220,500$441,00050%
Weed / packet$145,980$446,940 33%
Gold / bars$333,000$499,500~66%

GTA Online Contracts

In addition to the big Heists, GTA Online also offers eight special Contracts. Similar to the heists, you have to complete a series of preparatory missions before you can play the final.

The contracts can be completed alone or together with friends and offer good rewards for those who manage to complete them successfully.

Contract descriptionReward
The Agency Deal$182,000
The Bank Contract$178,000
The Data Contract$170,000
The E.C.U Job$172,000
The Lost Contract$180,000
The Prison Contract$175,000
The Superdollar Deal$185,000
The Union Depository Contract$300,000 – $375,000

Salvage Yard: these are the scrap trade heists

Rockstar Games released the Chop Shop update for GTA Online for the various platforms in December 2023. In addition to new vehicles, some of which are yet to be released via Drip Feed, new real estate can also be purchased in the form of Salvage Yards.

As soon as you have one of these, you will have access to five heists in which you have to steal a special vehicle in the grand finale:

  • The Duggan Robbery – ($260,000 or $208,000 scrap value)
  • The Cargo Ship Robbery – ($340,000 or $272,000 scrap value)
  • The Gangbanger Robbery – ($395,000 or $316,000 scrap value)
  • The Podium Robbery Robbery – ($270,000 or $216,000 scrap value)
  • The McTony Robbery – ($360,000 or $288,000 scrap value)

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