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Ghosts Exposed: All ghost locations of the treasure hunt in GTA Online

A new treasure hunt has been launched in GTA Online to coincide with the Halloween season. The Ghosts Exposed ghost hunters have tasked you with helping them find evidence of apparitions that are haunting the citizens of southern San Andreas.

To do this, you have to search for these ghosts, take a picture of them with your camera and send this photographic evidence to the Ghosts Exposed team for GTA$ and RP.

How many ghosts do I need to find?

The aim of this treasure hunt is to find and photograph a total of 10 ghosts. The catch, however, is that each ghost can appear in two different places, both of which are in close proximity to each other.

At the same time, there is a certain period of time for each ghost during which it spawns. For most ghosts, you only have a total of 1 in-game hour. In other words, you usually only have 2 minutes in real time.

As some of the locations are quite far apart, this undertaking is not quite so easy.

I have compiled tips for the best procedure below!

In this video I show you where to find all the ghosts:

Can I photograph all the ghosts in one night?

No, that’s not possible, as you have to wait until the next night for at least the tenth ghost. But even the previous nine ghosts are not that easy to find, especially as time is very short each time.

Tips for ghost hunting

Some of the ghost locations are quite far apart, which is why it is impossible to complete this route with a normal vehicle in the given time. Here I recommend at least a helicopter.

With the Oppressor MK II, however, you have a pretty good chance of killing all nine ghosts one after the other in just one night.

Take a look at the exact locations in advance and proceed in the order that our friends at PlayCentral.de have marked on the following map. Then nothing should stand in the way of a successful treasure hunt!

Where can I find all the ghosts in GTA Online?

Find all ghosts in GTA Online:

Ghost 1

  • Ghost 1: At the front of the barn or at the back of the barn (20:00-21:00)

Ghost 2

  • Ghost 2: In the window in a trailer located right next to the highway. (21:00-22:00)
GTA Online Ghost2 location

Ghost 3

  • Ghost 3: Outside on the rusty bus or directly inside the bus. (22:00-23:00)

Ghost 4

  • Ghost 4: At the bottom of the lighthouse, looking out over the water or at the top of the lighthouse on the railing. (23:00-00:00)

Ghost 5

  • Ghost 5: Up on the porch roof above the door or in the window at the back of an abandoned house. (01:00-02:00)

Ghost 6

  • Ghost 6: Hovering over a grave at the front of the church or at the top of the rear part of the church roof. (02:00-03:00)

Ghost 7

  • Ghost 7: In the roof gap or in the window behind the house. (03:00-04:00)

Ghost 8

  • Ghost 8: On the right side of the waterfall or on the left side. (04:00-05:00)

Ghost 9

  • Ghost 9: On top of the rear train tunnel or right next to the parachute spawn point on the side of the bridge. (05:00-06:00)

Ghost 10

  • Ghost 10: Only appears near Trevor’s caravan directly in front of the large rusty sign once you have found and photographed all 9 ghosts. In this case, you will have to wait until the next night because this ghost spawns between 0:00 and 01:00.

What is the reward for ghost hunting?

For every successfully photographed ghost, you will receive a whopping 20,000 GTA$ and some experience points. Once you have photographed all ten ghosts, you will receive a bonus of 50,000 GTA$. All in all, you can earn 250,000 GTA$ with this treasure hunt.

You will also receive the Ghosts Exposed design for the new Albany Brigham muscle car as a gift.

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