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GTA Online: Who is Vincent Effenburger?

Vincent Effenburger is a character from the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the main character in Grand Theft Auto Online. He was introduced with the update “The Diamond Casino & Resort”.

Vincent is the head of security at the Diamond Casino & Resort, an important gaming environment in GTA Online. In his role as Head of Security, Vincent is responsible for maintaining order and security within the casino. His character is known for his tough attitude towards troublemakers and his loyalty to the casino.

GTA Online: The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid

At the beginning of 2024, Vincent discovers that a new cartel has arrived in San Andreas and is using the Clucking Bell Farms as a cover for the large-scale production and distribution of cocaine. He also discovers that his colleagues in the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) are not only ignoring the cartel’s operations, but actively supporting them.

Vincent then turns to a trusted friend from his time at Diamond Casino, the protagonist of GTA Online, and asks him for a meeting at the police station in Vespucci. Although Vincent knows about the protagonist’s criminal past and his illegal dealings in the city, he asks him for help in bringing down the new criminal organization in exchange for cash.

To prove to the protagonist the corruption within the LSPD, Vincent points to a drug deal right across the street from the police station. He explains that the dealer – Ahron Ward – has been selling drugs outside the station for ten years with impunity because Vincent’s corrupt colleagues get a piece of the pie for looking the other way.

Convinced by this example, the protagonist agrees to help Vincent with the police operation.

In order to disrupt the LSPD’s “protection” operations for criminal businesses, Vincent reveals the locations of two money laundering businesses near the police station that belong to local street thugs who share their profits with the corrupt cops. The protagonist raids these businesses, steals their dirty money and uses it as a budget for the heist.

As a base of operations, the team sets up shop in an abandoned complex on Clinton Avenue in downtown Vinewood, formerly used by the FIB as a secret detention center. This location is used to store the equipment for the heist and later as a drop-off point for the heist finale.

To make sure the player gets paid, Vincent arranges a deal with Miguel Madrazo, heir to the local criminal Madrazo cartel empire, to sell the stolen cocaine. Madrazo’s personal fence, Jorge, will make the exchange at the abandoned FIB facility once the cartel’s loot is secured and the cops are taken out.

As a big “finger point” to his corrupt colleagues at the police station, Vincent literally refuses to look during the deal, looking the other way and refusing to be part of the deal or get a cut of the profits. After the deal is finalized, Vincent offers to arrange more deals with Jorge as long as they continue to help him disrupt the coalition of cartel and cops by attacking the factory again.

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