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GTA Online The Contract: How much do the Agencies cost?

Thanks to the update The Contract, you can now buy agencies in GTA Online to fulfill VIP contracts for Franklin and earn money. But how much money do I have to invest to own my own agency?

GTA Online: Prices of the agencies in The Contract

Of course, the expansion The Contract also brings with it new properties, which have been categorized into different price categories. In total, you have the choice between four different agencies, with the cheapest costing 2,010,000 million GTA dollars.

These are the prices of the agencies:

  • Little Seoul: from 2,010,000$
  • Vespucci channels: from 2,145,000
  • Rockford Hills: from 2,415,000$
  • Hawick: from 2,830,000$

With all expansions, the most expensive agency in Hawick will cost you an impressive 5,507,500 GTA dollars. Fully equipped, you will also have to fork out several million GTA dollars for the other agencies.

GTA Online - All agencies
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The Contract: These extensions are available for your agencies

You can further expand your own agency and decorate it to your taste. You can choose from paintings, various wallpapers, paints, an armory, a living area and a workshop for your vehicles.

  • Art: up to $340,000

Choose from three different collections of paintings, prints and sculptures.

  • Wallpaper: up to $442,500

Choose from a range of different wallpapers.

  • Highlight: $100,000

Choose from a palette of different colors.

  • Armory: $720,000

In your private armory you can buy weapons and equipment with exclusive discounts. Speak to the Weapons Master to view a selection of weapons, Mk-II upgrades, ammunition and armor.

You can customize your arsenal of weapons at your weapon cabinet. Equipment such as breathing apparatus, night vision goggles and earpieces can be purchased here.

  • Accomodation: $275,000

It is much easier to work or sleep in a separate living area.

  • Workshop: $800,000

In the workshop, which you can buy for a total of 800,000 GTA dollars, vehicles can be converted and modified.

GTA Online- Most expensive agency
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What are the benefits of an agency?

You will need an agency in order to start the new story mission in The Contract in GTA Online. You can also request a free helicopter (SuperVolito) at any time and leave the agency with it.

An SUV service is available within the agency to take you to a location of your choice. Alternatively, you can also leave the building in your personal vehicle.

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