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RM-10 Bombushka (GTA Online)

The RM-10 Bombushka is a heavily armed military cargo plane in GTA Online. The Bombushka was introduced on August 29, 2017 as part of the Smuggler’s Run Update.

Description on Warstock Cache & Carry

“When it comes to dropping enough ordnance to give the peaceniks something to blubber about, there really is no need to change a winning formula. The Bombushka comes straight out of a time when the good guys were the good guys, the bad guys were the bad guys, “collateral damage” was just “damage”, and wars could be won from the air. Saddle up, comrade.

Please note: This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar.”

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Design and origin

The design of the RM-10 Bombushka is based on that of the Antonov An-12, a Soviet military transport aircraft, and incorporates elements of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. It is known for its large size, robust construction and its ability to carry a variety of weapons.

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Features and armament

The Bombushka is characterized by its impressive technical and combat-oriented features:

  • Armament: The aircraft is equipped with several heavy machine guns, including a forward-facing cannon and side turrets that can be operated by other players. This armament makes the Bombushka a powerful air combat vehicle.
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  • Armor: The Bombushka has robust armor that makes it resistant to fire and explosive weapons. However, it is not completely invulnerable and can be shot down by concentrated fire or missiles.
  • Capacity: The aircraft can carry up to six people, including the pilot, gunners and other passengers. It also has space for cargo and can serve as a mobile headquarters.

Customization options

Players can customize the Bombushka in the Hangar, which was also introduced in the Smuggler’s Run update. Customization options include:

  • Weapon upgrades: Additional weapons and improved guns can be installed.
  • Armor: Improved armor options increase the aircraft’s resistance.
  • Paint finishes: Players can choose different paint jobs and designs to personalize the Bombushka.
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Deployment and strategy

The Bombushka is often used in military missions and PvP scenarios, where its heavy armament and armor are an advantage. However, due to its size and relatively slow speed, it requires coordinated teamwork and strategic planning to be used effectively.


The RM-10 Bombushka can be purchased through Warstock Cache & Carry. The purchase price is 5,918,500 GTA dollars, with a reduced price of 4,450,000 GTA dollars available after completing 24 air cargo theft missions.

© Rockstar Games

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