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GTA Online Wildlife Photographie Challenge

Now, in GTA Online on the current-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, there are animals!

In line with this, you can also participate in the new Wildlife Photography Challenge. For this, you need to photograph different animals in the game world of GTA Online daily and send the pictures to the Los Santos Tourism Office.

GTA Online: Photographing Animals, How It Works

How do I start the wildlife photography challenge in GTA Online? Travel to the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and interact with the information board at the beginning of the area.

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Note: You can only photograph these three specified animals each day to earn GTA dollars and RP.

For each submitted picture, you will receive GTA dollars and RP as a reward. If you successfully capture all the required animals in a day, you will earn 40,000 GTA dollars and 5,000 RP.

Additionally, as a thank you for participating in the Animal Photography Challenge, you will receive the The Zoophilist Outfit, which will be automatically added to your wardrobe. The outfit is a homage to the US film “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” starring Jim Carrey.

Once you have photographed 10 animals in GTA Online, the lower purchase price for the Declasse Park Ranger will also be unlocked.

GTA Online: All 20 animal locations

In the following list you will find all the animals you need to photograph and where you can find them.

  • Cow (on the pasture right next to the wild boar location)
  • Dogs
    • Pugs (Rockford Hills)
    • Poodle (Rockford Hills)
    • Border Collie (Vespucci Canals/Prosperity St.)
    • Retriever (Morningwood)
    • Husky (Richman)
    • Rottweiler (Vinewood Hills)
    • West Highland Terrier (Rockford Hills)
  • Boar (Grand Senora Desert)
  • Pig (Great Chaparral)
  • Cat (West Vinewood)
  • Hen (Paleto Bay)
  • Rabbit (Vinewood Hills)
  • Deer (Mount Chiliad/Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness)
  • Mountain Lion (Tongva Hills/Banham Canyon)
  • Coyote (Grand Senora Desert)
  • Birds
    • Seagull (Del Perro Beach)
    • Cormorant (Grand Senora Desert)
    • Crow (Grand Senora Desert)
    • Chicken-Hawk (Grand Senora Desert)


  • Animal species: Wild boar
  • Location: Redwood Lights racetrack


  • Animal species: Pig
  • Location: Grapeseed


  • Animal species: Cow
  • Location: Grapeseed


  • Species/breed: Pug
  • Location: Rockford Hills


  • Species/breed: Poodle
  • Location: Rockford Hills

Border Collie

  • Species/Breed: Border Collie
  • Place of discovery: Paleto Bay / Procopio Dr


  • Species: Retriever
  • Location: Vespucci canals


  • Species: Husky
  • Location: Vespucci canals


  • Species: Rottweiler
  • Location: Chamberlain Hills

West Highland Terrier

  • Species: West Highland Terrier
  • Location: Rockford Hills


  • Animal species: Cat
  • Location: Vespucci Canals / Prosperity St


  • Species: Hen/chicken
  • Location: Grapeseed


  • Animal species: Rabbit
  • Location: Vinewood Hills


  • Animal species: Deer
  • Fundort: Berg Chiliad/ Paleto Forest usw.

Mountain lion

  • Animal species: Mountain lion
  • Place of discovery: Tongva Hills/Banham Canyon


  • Animal species: Coyote
  • Location: Grand Senora Desert


  • Animal species: Seagull
  • Location: Del Perro Beach


  • Animal species: Cormorant
  • Place of discovery: Lago Zancudo


  • Animal species: Crow
  • Location: Grand Senora Desert

Chicken hawk

  • Species: Chicken hawk
  • Location: Grand Senora Desert

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