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GTA Online: These are the Street Dealers Locations

Drug dealers are a good and, above all, quick way to farm money in GTA Online. This saves you time on sales missions. However, these shady business lights are quite difficult to find if you don’t know exactly where to look.

This is because the locations where drug dealers can be found in GTA Online change regularly, similar to the Gun Van.

What are street dealers in GTA Online?

What are street dealers in GTA Online?

There are always three drug dealers who belong to different gangs and spawn at different locations on the map of Los Santos and Blaine County.

You can sell them Cocaine, Meth, Weed and Acid if you have the appropriate business and have one of these products in stock at the time of sale. As soon as you interact with the dealer, a menu opens and you can sell your goods at a good price.

  • If you own a Motorcycle Club, a Nightclub or an Acid Lab, you can have the respective drug produced and then sell it to the dealer.

  • Weed (requires a Weed Farm)
  • Meth (requires Meth Lab Business)
    • Cocaine (requires Cocaine Lockup Business)
    • Acid (requires Acid Lab Business)

In addition, each street dealer has a drug of his choice, for which he pays a higher price depending on the market supply. This means that each of the three dealers makes a higher payout for a certain type of drug every day. When you have sold the maximum amount of all four types of drugs to a dealer, his card symbol turns gray.

At what time are the dealer locations reset?

Normally, the dealers change their location every day at 07:00 UTC.

Where are the GTA dealers on April 22, 2024?

Below we show you the three locations where you can currently find the three dealers. As mentioned, the locations change daily and there are a total of 50 different places where they can appear.

Note: Please note that the sales prices of your goods at the dealers also change and differ from each other.

ProductMinMaxAverageTotal AverageUnits

The probability that a product is a premium product is 15% (Cocaine), 20% (Meth), 30% (Weed) and 35% (Acid).

A premium product can be sold at twice the price at a dealer.

The maximum possible profit per dealer in GTA Online is $87,200 (double the price of Acid) to $92,350 (double the price of Cocaine). This results in a total of 261,600 to 277,050 dollars if you sell at all dealers.

On this map you can see the new positions of the dealers in GTA Online every day.

These are the three locations of the dealers on April 22, 2024.

Dealer 1:

  • Acid: $2,990
  • Meth: $9,050
  • Weed: $2,850
  • Cocaine: $20,500
© Rockstar Games/GTAUp.de
© Rockstar Games/GTAUp.de

Dealer 2:

  • Acid: $3.070
  • Meth: $8.800
  • Weed: $2.950
  • Cocaine: $19.400
© Rockstar Games/GTAUp.de
© Rockstar Games/GTAUp.de

Dealer 3:

  • Acid: $17.000
  • Meth: $19.800
  • Weed: $2.850
  • Cocaine: $1.525
© Rockstar Games/GTAUp.de
© Rockstar Games/GTAUp.de

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