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Arcades in GTA Online: How much money will I make from the business in 2024?

You can earn good money in GTA Online with the Casino Heist. The basis for the big heist is the arcade, without which you can’t even empty the vault. In its basement, you will also find numerous amenities that will make your future business much easier.

But how much money can I earn with the arcade in GTA Online in 2024 and is the property generally worthwhile?

How do I start the Casino Heist?

Use your smartphone and go to the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. Various properties are offered here across the entire map.

On the right-hand side, select “Arcades” so that only the six arcades are displayed. Next, click on one of the symbols on the map, which will open a window with further details about the respective property.

The price you have to pay to own the arcade is also shown at the bottom. If you have enough money in your account, confirm the purchase by clicking on the red button. Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of an arcade!

Which arcade should I choose in GTA Online?

A total of six different arcades are available to you on the GTA Online map. Four of them are located directly in Los Santos and are therefore quite centrally located. The other two properties are located in the north of the map and are therefore much less well connected.

Ultimately, however, it depends on where your other properties such as the nightclub, the motorcycle club, the garage or your scrap yard are located. Ideally, your scrap yard should be close to them.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

What are the differences? In terms of gameplay, however, there are no differences. All content is available to you with every arcade – you are clearly paying for a good or less good location.

How expensive are the arcades?

Below we have listed the locations and real estate prices of all the arcades in GTA Online:

Pixel Pete’s – Paleto Bay$1.235.000
Wonderama Grapeseed$1.565.000
Eight-Bit – Vinewood$2.530.000
Insert Coin – Rockford Hills$2.345.000
Videogeddon – La Mesa$1.875.000
Warehouse – Davis$2.135.000

Can I expand my arcade?

The price you have to pay at Maze Bank is really only the purchase or base price. In typical GTA Online fashion, you can expand and improve your property for many millions more.

How much does the most expensive arcade in GTA Online cost?

As an order of magnitude: The most expensive arcade in GTA Online will cost you 2,345,000 GTA dollars. If you equip it with all available upgrades, it will cost you around 3.3 million GTA dollars. Of course, the price varies slightly depending on which design you ultimately choose.

These upgrades and design options are available to you in the arcade:

  • Style
    • Total Focus: $0
    • Take a Shine: $290.000
    • Exposed Hipster: $470.000
  • Mural
    • Naked: $25.000
    • Pixelated Thought: $50.500
    • Racing Stripes: $ 56.000
    • Spray Forever: $61.500
    • So Kawaii: $68.000
    • Another Realm: $76.000
    • Wireframed: $86.000
    • All The Colors: $96.000
    • O Edgy: $107.500
  • Floor
    • Naked: $50.000
    • The Lab: $78.000
    • Scale Up: $86.000
    • Intergalactic: $107.500
    • Yay Rainbow: $104.500
    • Thunderclap: $117.000
    • Understated Stars: $132.000
    • Super Fun Playthings: 148.000
    • Prim and Proper: $165.000
  • Neon Art
    • Naked: $50.000
    • Emulator: 107.500$
    • Crotch Rocket: $128.000
    • Game Over: $149.000
    • BFFL: $171.000
    • Mighty Sword: $201.000
    • LS Nights: $240.500
    • Penetrator: $280.000
    • Adult Content: $50.000
  • Extras
    • Personal Quarters – $150.000: Can’t stop gaming? Then make yourself at home with a bed, gun locker and wardrobe in your own personal quarters.
    • High Score Screens – $295.000: High Score Screens encourage two things: rage quits and addiction. Add them to your arcade to track the top players and enjoy watching them lose their minds. Please note: Arcade cabinets and games can be purchased using the laptop inside your property.
  • Garage – $215.000: You can game for days in confidence knowing up to 10 vehicles are securely stored in this garage.

Tip: If you are not happy with the location of your purchased arcade, you can change it at any time via Maze Bank Foreclosures.

The cost of a fully equipped arcade amounts to several million GTA dollars. Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Which improvements should I buy in the arcade?

However, in addition to the purchase price for the arcade and the upgrades and design options, there are also two optional improvements that can put a real strain on your bank account.

Master Control Terminal: One of the most exciting features of the arcade is the Master Control Terminal, which you can purchase for a total of 1,740,000 GTA dollars. From here you can manage all your other businesses (e.g. CEO crate warehouses, vehicle dealerships, bunkers, MC businesses, etc.), start missions and order supplies of weed, meth or cocaine, for example.

In summary, this investment makes your everyday life in GTA Online easier as it saves you time. And since time is money, the main control terminal pays off in more ways than one.

However, if you do not already have several stores, the main control terminal is of little use.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Drone Station: You can also invest in a drone station for four players. This gives you access to the nano drone in free mode and allows you and other players to fly up to 250 meters high above Los Santos to spread fear and terror.

An investment that you don’t necessarily have to make, or that won’t bring you much – apart from the fun factor, of course.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

How much money can I earn with the arcade?

Earn money with the slot machines: To generate a small and above all passive income with your arcade, you can buy up to 17 gaming machines in total, which basically make up the basic legal business of your property. After all, you have to keep up appearances!

The slot machines are within this price range:

  • Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad for $360,000
  • Badlands Revenge II for $362,500
  • The Wizard’s Ruin for $420,000
© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Within 48 minutes (i.e. per in-game day) you can earn around 5,000 GTA dollars with your arcade – completely passively. So you don’t have to invest any further work.

Note: You do NOT need to have purchased all slot machines for the daily maximum amount of 5,000 GTA dollars! It is enough to buy just one. This is because you are not actually paying for the machine itself, but for the license to set up the machines. This means that you can install each machine in your arcade as often as you like. The only important thing is that there is a machine at every point in the arcade in order to reach the maximum safe capacity.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

So if you buy the cheapest slot machine for 90,000 GTA dollars and place it anywhere in your arcade, you will have recouped your investment after around 18 hours of play and make a profit from this point onwards.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Your personal safe, which is located in the office of the arcade, holds a total of 50,000 GTA dollars. So remember to empty it regularly. Because as soon as the safe is full, no more money will get in!

Conclusion: If you buy just one slot machine and place it in all locations in your arcade, you can generate passive income quite quickly. However, the profit is not particularly high. Especially not when you consider the general acquisition costs for the arcade, including a few extras.

The main reason to buy an arcade in GTA Online, besides the main control terminal, is of course the Diamond Casino Heist, which is only unlocked with the purchase of such a property and with which you can make a few million quite quickly. We’ll explain exactly how much in a separate guide!

The Planning Section / Heist

As soon as you have purchased an arcade and entered it, a cutscene will start automatically in which you will meet Lester again, who will explain the new business to you.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Now the arcade has to be set up and spruced up a bit.

This is because some of the options you have purchased will only appear once the arcade is fully set up.

After the conversation with Lester in the basement, go to the laptop to start setting up the arcade and the planning area for the Diamond Casino heist.

First of all, the equipment must be collected in order to start setting up the arcade and the planning area. Click on “Start” to accept the job.

Preparation: Equipment

Now it’s time to prepare, which consists of collecting the arcade and planning equipment. According to Lester, this is already paid for in a van and you just have to pick it up.

Now go to the marked point, which can be located at different places on the map. Once there, however, you will notice that the van has been stolen. Lester then checks the security cameras in the area and finds the opportunist thieves.

Follow the blue vehicle symbol, take out the driver of the transporter and then drive the vehicle and its equipment back to your arcade.

© Rockstar Games/PlayCentral.de

Once you have completed the preparatory mission, you can start scouting the Diamond Casino.

In the following guides, we explain which access points there are and where the points of interest are located.

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