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GTA 6: Main characters Jason & Lucia introduced

Update: The first trailer released by Rockstar Games for GTA 6 confirms the two protagonists. The plot will indeed revolve around the criminal duo Lucia and Jason. The trailer clearly shows that the two are together and have a love affair.

GTA 6: Who is Lucia?

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The female protagonist is a Latina from South or Central America.

Exciting: On the official artwork, an electronic ankle bracelet can be seen on Lucia’s right ankle. This is a device that constantly monitors a person’s whereabouts and transmits them to the relevant authorities.

In the trailer for GTA 6, we are introduced to Lucia in the first few seconds. The young woman is in Vice City prison and talks to a therapist or, more likely, a probation officer in the scene shown.

It is possible that Lucia will be released from prison at the start of GTA 6, but will have to wear an ankle bracelet as a condition of parole. This would restrict her to a specific and previously defined area. If she leaves this area, she would violate her conditions and alert the authorities. The consequence would be a new stay in prison.

In terms of gameplay, we could therefore only explore a limited area with Lucia, which means that the game only builds up gradually and the player does not have the direct game world open for exploration. The result is a calmer start for the introduction of the characters, the plot and the game world.

Rockstar Games has used this trick more frequently in previous installments of the series. For example, important bridges that connected two parts of the city were still closed at the beginning. The construction sites were only gradually completed, which is why Map opened up more and more.

GTA 6: Who is Jason?

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Currently, less is known about Jason than about Lucia. However, it is possible that the male protagonist is a smuggler with the drug cartel and, together with Lucia, has a large mountain of debt that the two of them have to work off through robberies, as can also be seen in the trailer for GTA 6.

Original news: According to leaks, you will be able to play two different protagonists in GTA 6 .

The two main characters are to be called Jason and Lucia, while the story has been inspired by the criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde.

Although there is no official information from Rockstar Games about the two characters yet, there are already suggestions about their appearance.

One artist has now even brought the two characters to life. Hossein Diba shared his idea of Jason and Lucia, which was inspired by the leaks, on Twitter.

If you would also like to see the pictures of Jason and Lucia in video form, you can also do so here:

We think these pictures are absolutely stunning! What’s your opinion? Feel free to write us in the comments below.

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