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GTA 6: On which consoles will the game be released?

GTA 6, the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar Games, is just around the corner, and the gaming community’s anticipation is enormous. One of the most burning questions on fans’ minds is: “Which consoles will GTA 6 be available on?”

In this article, we give you a comprehensive overview of the consoles on which you can embark on your next big adventure.

Thanks to the first trailer released for GTA 6, we already know that the open-world title will be released for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

For which platforms will GTA 6 be released?

  • PlayStation 5: With its impressive hardware and large user base, the PS5 is the main platform on which GTA 6 will be released. Players can look forward to fast loading times and a slick visual backdrop that brings the world of GTA to life. It is also quite possible that the PS5 Pro will already be available when GTA 6 is released. In this article, we explain why GTA 6 and the PS5 Pro are the perfect match.
  • Xbox Series X: Similar to the PS5, the Xbox Series X also offers the technical requirements to realize Rockstar’s ambitious goals for GTA 6. Integration with the Xbox Game Pass could bring additional benefits for players.
  • PC: Even if a PC version is not released at the same time as the console versions, Rockstar has shown in the past that a later release on PC is quite common. PC gamers can look forward to experiencing GTA 6 with the highest graphics settings and mod support.

We have listed the graphics card and processor required for GTA 6 in this article.

What about older consoles?

Is GTA 6 coming to PS4? The release of GTA 6 on older consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will not happen. Rockstar is aiming to push the boundaries of what is technically possible, and this is not feasible on older platforms due to their significantly lower performance and slower loading times.


GTA 6 promises to be a very special experience that pushes the boundaries of current gaming technology. Availability on the latest generation of consoles ensures an optimal gaming experience that fans of the series should not miss. Stay tuned for further updates and official announcements from Rockstar Games regarding GTA 6.

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