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GTA 6 Trailer 1 But It’s Real Life

Regardless of whether GTA 6 is released at the beginning of 2025 or whether the release is delayed even further, fans will have to be patient and pass the time with other activities in the meantime.

It’s hardly surprising then that the first trailer for Rockstar Games’ anticipated open-world game has already been recreated in various forms, including versions using Lego, Minecraft and even a humorous interpretation set on the island of Sylt.

Now there is also a real-life version of the trailer, in which every scene is recreated with real-life situations that are very similar to the original scenes:

The song “Love is a Long Road” by Tom Petty was retained for the background music.

Interestingly, even the Florida Joker, who previously threatened Rockstar Games with legal action over the obvious resemblance of a character design in the trailer to his appearance, finds a place in the real-life version of the trailer and fits in perfectly.

The trailer makes it particularly clear that Rockstar Games appears to have been heavily inspired by videos and clips from real life that have gone viral, in some cases almost one-to-one. The finished game will therefore presumably also contain numerous allusions to real-life events.

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