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GTA 6 Online: Can I keep my character?

For some time now, I’ve been wondering how GTA Online (GTA 5) will change when GTA 6 is released. Will Rockstar Games start from scratch or will GTA Online continue in a new environment?

Realistically, the development studio is likely to make a fresh start with GTA 6 Online, and it is unlikely that there will be a crossover with GTA 5 Online. I would like to explain my thoughts on this here.

The release of GTA 6 marks the beginning of a new era. It seems that we will have to adjust to the fact that the GTA 5 Online that we have come to know and love over more than 10 years will no longer exist.

Although Rockstar Games has not yet made an official statement on the matter, some things are already clear. The release of GTA 6 is planned for 2025, according to a recent annual report from parent company Take-Two, it was originally due to be released in the first quarter of 2025. However, due to adjustments to sales forecasts, it is now expected that the game will not be available until April 2025.

The question of what will happen to GTA 5 Online and all of our in-game content when the new installment is released is still up in the air. It is likely that GTA Online will be replaced by a next-gen successor, and the possibility of transferring all purchased content is questionable.

It seems unlikely that an in-game transfer will be offered, as it makes more economic sense for Rockstar Games to relaunch the game. Continuing the progress from GTA 5 Online to GTA 6 Online appears to be wishful thinking.

One argument against this is that GTA VI will be a completely new game, with a new map, new characters and a new story. It would be unwise to carry over progress and confront new players with the progress they have already made.

In addition, it is expected that there will be new missions and heists for which Rockstar will have to create an incentive. Simply copying progress therefore makes no sense for various reasons.

Many players agree that a fresh start is needed to distance themselves from grinders, tryhards and toxic characters in GTA Online.

It remains to be seen how Rockstar Games will manage the transition, but it seems likely that a reboot is on the cards when GTA 6 Online is released.

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