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GTA 6 Online will be a complete reboot and that’s a GOOD thing!

Many of my friends, colleagues and other YouTubers want to carry over their progress in GTA Online into the upcoming GTA 6 Online. After all, they have invested hundreds, sometimes even thousands of hours in the multiplayer title, grinded endlessly and built up a decent amount of luxury over time in the form of expensive vehicles, huge apartments and various businesses.

So why leave the nest you have laboriously built?

This is exactly the question that is currently haunting Reddit and has been on my mind since the official announcement.

But should Rockstar really offer such a transfer, even if only in a limited form, for GTA 6 Online?

I have my doubts and will explain in this article why every player should start from scratch in GTA 6 Online! I’ll also look at the question of which path Rockstar will take with GTA Online.

GTA 6: Why a character transfer makes no sense

Let’s start with the most obvious reasons!

GTA 6 will be a completely new, stand-alone game with a new map, new characters, protagonists and a new storyline. It simply wouldn’t be clever of Rockstar not to take this opportunity to make a hard cut, to define a new beginning!

Over the past few years – GTA Online is now over 10 years old – many players have earned all the content and bought everything that can be purchased in GTA Online for GTA Dollars.

Why do you think at least two major updates are released for GTA Online every year?

Of course, so that there is new content that players have to unlock or pay for. Rockstar explicitly wants players to spend as much time as possible in the game, grind and invest real money in Sharkcards to get the often very expensive vehicles and companies more quickly.

Now imagine that your progress from GTA Online is carried over into GTA 6 Online.

You’d have a one-size-fits-all solution with all your weapons, vehicles, buildings and companies. And even if only some of your content were to be transferred, that would still be quite a lot.

This would also be a financial disaster for Rockstar. Who is going to buy the new rocket launcher or the Grotti Turismo Omaggio if you already own this content?

Above all, the vehicle models in GTA 6 are likely to be significantly more detailed. So it probably wouldn’t work technically if you brought content from GTA Online that is also available in GTA 6, just in a graphically polished form.

And yes, we already know from the trailer that some of the vehicles from GTA 5 and GTA Online will also be available in GTA 6:

And what about vehicles that are available in GTA Online but not in GTA 6? Or modified vehicles and weapons from GTA Online, would we only get credit for them in their basic version in GTA 6 Online? Questions upon questions and no end in sight!

Especially if you imagine players starting GTA 6 Online who haven’t even played its predecessor and suddenly encountering fully equipped players with flying motorcycles and all kinds of cool features. I think the motivation would be zero for both sides and that’s not the point of it.

Isn’t the fun in GTA, whether in the single-player campaign or in multiplayer, that you work your way up from the bottom and build up your wealth?

I love games where you really start with nothing, like Gothic, for example, preferably with memory loss. A great excuse from lazy developers, by the way, which is why the character has suddenly forgotten everything he’s learned before and can’t even knock down a scavenger with a stick! But that’s a fireside story for another day!

But what will actually happen to GTA 5 Online when GTA 6 Online is released?

Rockstar Games has not yet revealed anything about a GTA 6 Online. However, I think that GTA Online will almost certainly be replaced by a next-gen successor.

I’m not assuming that there will be a crossover. The only question is whether GTA 5 Online will still be playable for a while after the launch of GTA 6 Online, or whether Rockstar will make a huge cut to pull the entire community straight over? But it just doesn’t make sense to me to run GTA 5 Online and GTA 6 Online in parallel!

In any case, a reboot would be a blatant move, especially if all the in-game items you’ve earned were completely lost – just imagine how much money is involved. Just think, Rockstar Games made billions of dollars with GTA 5 and GTA Online and all your in-game items would be gone in one fell swoop!

But can you imagine such a drastic step? To be honest, it’s quite difficult for me, as as far as I know there has never been a similar case before. But whatever happens, it’s likely to shake up the entire industry!

In any case, have fun and a great time in Los Santos, but my flight to Vice City is already booked. So I hope to see you there, just hope that the flight won’t be delayed!

Feel free to post your opinions in the comments, I’m curious to see how many want a fresh start and who is in favor of a transfer.

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