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GTA 6: 3 NEW LEAKS, that’s what’s behind it!

Recently, a supposed PlayStation employee on X shared various leaks about GTA 6 in several tweets. Some of them were already known, but that’s no big deal. After all, this gives us further confirmation of this information from another source.

I will summarize and classify the most interesting leaks for you in the following lines!

GTA 6: Project Americas lebt?!

Let’s start with the most exciting leak: the developer writes that there will probably be no single-player expansion for GTA 6, so it’s business as usual when we look at GTA 5 and Red Dead 2, but…!

At the same time, the game world should evolve over time. Everyone can now decide for themselves what exactly is meant by this. In any case, there is plenty of room for speculation here. However, I think that Rockstar is planning to expand the available land area of GTA 6 over time.

So maybe we’ll get a new island, an entire state or a more distant city?

Imagine flying from the airport in Vice City to New York or Liberty City. It remains to be seen how this will be combined with a possible GTA 6 Online, but it’s certainly very interesting!

More Red Dead 2 systems for GTA 6?

According to the leak, the Eagle Eye feature from Red Dead Redemption 2 will also be integrated into GTA 6. This is a gameplay mechanic that allows you to identify objects and people in the game world.

It also provides you with a very useful tool for tracking and tracing animals on the hunt.

At the same time, there is talk that GTA 6 will include an interaction menu for NPCs. Once again, Red Dead 2 can be cited as an example. The open-world title already has such a system, which Rockstar will almost certainly adopt in an adapted form for GTA 6.

This allows you to interact with NPCs to a certain extent and greet, annoy or rob them. This really makes the world even more immersive and alive. I’m really excited to see how Rockstar will expand this system for GTA 6 and make it even more complex.

GTA 6: More minigames than ever before!

I’m also really excited about the many mini-games that await us in GTA 6. This has already been confirmed by the leaks from September 2022, but Nima has confirmed this once again.

GTA 6 is said to be the offshoot of the Grand Theft Auto series with the most mini-games.

Examples include golf, basketball, tennis, pool and a new fishing mini-game.

Fishing is a more or less central system in Red Dead 2, which turns out to be quite complex and is still a real relaxation therapy for many games today, me included!

But in GTA 6, everything just gets bigger and more blatant.

That’s why you can probably even hunt various sea creatures underwater with a harpoon!

And yes, the harpoon has also been separately confirmed as a weapon by the leaks. How the animal rights organization PETA will feel about this is something I will leave uncommented at this point. However, the options for spending time in Vice City and the surrounding area seem to be pretty varied.

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