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GTA Online: All safe codes for the Stash Houses

In GTA Online you have to open the safes in the Stash Houses with a special code.

This six-digit code can be found on a yellow note in the immediate vicinity of the safe. Pay attention to possible places such as walls, tables or even pillows, as the note is easy to overlook.

Here are all 10 safe codes that could give you access:

  • 01-23-45
  • 02-12-87
  • 05-02-91
  • 24-10-81
  • 28-03-98
  • 28-11-97
  • 44-23-37
  • 72-68-83
  • 73-27-38
  • 77-79-73

If you don’t want to try out all the codes one after the other, it’s a good idea to take a close look at your surroundings and look out for a yellow post-it note to find the right combination straight away.

We have marked all 25 possible locations for Stash Houses in GTA Online on the following map to make your search easier.

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What are Stash Houses in GTA Online?

Stash Houses are a daily event in GTA Online. You have to break into a certain building, take out armed drug dealers and empty the safe to get cash and various goods.

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