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GTA 6 Trailer 2: Why summer is the perfect time for the release

Several months have already passed since Rockstar Games provided a first look at GTA 6 with the release of the opening trailer. Since then, the studio has not revealed any further official details or information. The burning question now is: when can we expect the second trailer?

Last week I reported on the latest update for GTA Online from Rockstar, including the benefits for members of GTA+. Of particular note was the announcement of a major summer update for GTA 5’s multiplayer mode, a hint that is notable due to Rockstar’s deliberate choice of words. The developer doesn’t usually make such announcements months in advance – summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21.

Past experience has taught us that updates with summer content are usually released close to this date.

But what does this mean for GTA 6? The early announcement of a major update for GTA Online points to the coming months as the perfect time for the release of the second trailer.

At the moment, GTA 6 and GTA Online are attracting considerable attention and benefiting from each other. The announcement of GTA 6 has increased interest in GTA Online, which serves as an ideal bridge until the release of the new title.

The official trailer for the latest Chop Shop update, which was released shortly after the first trailer for GTA 6, recorded 19 million views within months, making it the most successful trailer for GTA Online to date – remarkable for a game that is already over ten years old.

If the release date is early 2025, as is often assumed, the summer could be the ideal time window for the second trailer. It would generally be welcome if Rockstar were to provide more insights into the open-world title in the near future, be it through screenshots, game scenes or initial information on a possible online mode.

However, our information on the game so far is very limited and is largely based on the first trailer or the leaks from September 2022.

However, all of this is just speculation on my part. It’s unclear what strategies Rockstar Games is pursuing to make the marketing for GTA 6 as effective as possible. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the release of the second trailer in conjunction with GTA Online (perhaps through an in-game event) could significantly increase public interest.

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