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Will there be a reunion with Tommy Vercetti in GTA 6?

Fans have likely scrutinized practically every square inch of the GTA 6 trailer to discover almost every tiny detail. And there are indeed a lot of them, as the developers at Rockstar Games have a penchant for incorporating Easter eggs and other secrets into their games.

GTA 6: Do we see the Vercetti Mansion here?

The latest discovery by the community is particularly exciting, should it prove to be true. After all, it is one of the coolest Easter eggs in the entire game, which could potentially even impact the storyline of GTA 6.

This is a tribute to the legendary Tommy Vercetti. The character was introduced in GTA: Vice City and has since remained memorable to every GTA player.

Specifically, fans claim to have discovered Tommy Vercetti’s mansion in the official trailer for GTA 6!

While the posted image, taken from minute 0:31 of the trailer, only shows a somewhat blurry building in the distance, situated directly by the water, due to its appearance and location, it could indeed be the famous mansion from the open-world title.

Whether the building in the image is indeed the mansion from GTA: Vice City is currently a matter of speculation; only Rockstar could officially confirm this assumption.

However, the developer will likely keep further details about the game under wraps, and they may share additional information with the public only in the context of the second trailer for GTA 6.

Could Tommy Vercetti still be alive?

Let’s assume for a moment that this is indeed the legendary Vercetti Mansion from GTA: Vice City. This raises another question: Is Tommy Vercetti still alive in GTA 6, or has the character already passed away?

In theory, Tommy could still be alive in GTA 6; however, the character was already born in 1951, which means he would be 73 years old by now. Given that GTA 6 has a modern setting and is expected to be released in 2025, we might at most see a Tommy who is in his mid-70s.

Between GTA: Vice City, set in the 80s, and GTA 6 with a modern setting, nearly 40 years have passed. This is a significant period during which a lot could have happened. Perhaps Rockstar will present us with this story, explaining how Tommy Vercetti’s criminal empire has grown.

So, it’s entirely possible that this character still has some influence on the story in GTA 6 and may occasionally cross paths with the two protagonists, Lucia and Jason.

Alternatively, we might get to know the children or even grandchildren of Tommy, who either work together with Lucia and Jason on a major criminal career or act as adversaries against the two.

Certainly, it’s a captivating consideration if the discovered villa is indeed the (former) Vercetti Mansion. But what do you think about this topic? Feel free to share your opinion below in the comments.

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